Volume One - The Automotive Mascot A Design in Motion "The Early Years"

Description:  A fascinating look into the automobile mascots that started the

                worldwide design trend of placing an ornament on the front of

                early automobiles.  Book covers the years from 1902 through 1925.

                Soft Cover. 11 x 8.5 Inch page Format size.  Fully illustrated with

                200 rich, High Resolution Color and Black & White images. 

                Limited First Edition.

                Price: $85.00 USD (Shipping Noy Included)


Site Editor's Comment:

                Each book in this series is stunning and captivating from cover to cover.  The visuals

                are of top, top quality combined with priviledged authenticating information.

                This book is fascinating to look at and hard to put down - A Must Own!


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