​​This year’s Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA) Eastern Division National Fall Meet, commonly referred to as the “Fall Swap Meet” was held during the first week of October (4th – 7th), 2017 in Hershey, Pennsylvania was its usual resounding success as the weather was seasonally pleasant making it easy to get around and not be caught up in cold, rainy or both conditions.


We made our way to the AACA Souvenir Booth in the Chocolate Field to grab event t-shirts, hats and other event memorabilia and to say “Hi” to usual friends that attend the mega gala event.  Then as our MotometerCentral staff split up to explore their own interests, MotometerCentral’s Francis Clax headed over to the Society of Automotive Historians booth in the nearby Orange Field where he met up with pal, and SAH board member Robert “Bob” Barr, H. Don Capps, Louis Fourie and Rubén Vérdés.  The SAH booth began to get busy with visitors by early lunchtime on Wednesday, the opening event day.




After enjoying the camaraderie Francis and Bob exchanged some unexpected gifts for each other.  You can read more on that later, in the article “Motometer Donation.”


After which Francis and MotometerCentral Vice-President, COO and Art Director Deanna D. rushed to gain first glimpses of the many prestigious autos that would be sold at the subsequent RM Sotheby’s Auction.  Of the many incredible vehicles the first made 1933 Pierce-Arrow Silver Arrow was without question the "Bell of the Ball" and a particularly fine example of a luxury automobile.























The Silver Arrow was the first of only five manufactured and one of the only three known to have survived was easily the star of the show.  It garnered a whopping $2.2 million dollar sale price at the hammer and was worth every cent as it is a magnificent vehicle whether driven (even a little bit) or presented as a pure personal showpiece to be privately appreciated.   This car is as stunning as any that anyone might see or find anywhere particularly if someone is or fancy’s themselves an automobile connoisseur.


Those two then made their way over to the AACA headquarters at 501 W. Governor Road where they spent time with AACA Library and Research Center’s Matthew Hocker, Assistant Librarian and Michael Reilly, Catalog Librarian.  These guys are always helpful and fun to be around.


The Library was coming off a very successful charity literature sale the day before. You can learn more about the fourth annual Yard Sale by clicking on the following link [].


 The Library had a couple of real nice exhibitions in their display cases and on their main floor that included an ultra rare Metz motorcar.

AACA 2017 Fall Swap Meet Chocolate Field on MotometerCentral™.com
1933 Pierce-Arrow Silver Arrow #1 on MotometerCentral™.com
1933 Pierce-Arrow Silver Arrow Rear View on MotometerCentral™.com
1933 Pierce-ArrowSilver Arrow Trunk Hatch View on MotomterCentral™.com
1933 Pierce-Arrow Silver Arrow Temperature Gauge View on MotometerCentral™.com



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