April 1st, 2015 right on schedule the Motometer Collection of Francis Clax at the Antique Automobile Club Of America Exhibition got off to a rousing start!  Facebook subscribers of the AACA immediately started to "Like" the entry about the exhibition and sharing the post within minutes of the first post and completion of the display.  Mr. Clax reported a wave of phone calls expressing interest and appreciation from around the world, with many more emails and hits on our website as well.


Assisted by Artist, Ms. Deanna Demmer the two easily filled the alloted space with more than one hundred motometers and related items.  Mr. Clax and Ms. Demmer welcomed staff inquiries and unselfishly answered all questions and shared as much fact-based information about each item as needed.


All in all, the Exhibition promises to be a successful one for the AACA.  And, we hope that all Antique and Classic Era car fans will make their way to the AACA Headquarters, located at 501 W. Governor Road Hershey, Pennsylvania to view this and other collections on-hand Monday thru Friday 8am - 4pm.  We promise that you will see something that you have never seen before!


On display are the oldest known surviving indicators from MESSKO, the Motometer Company (BOYCE), Wilmot Mfg. Co LTD./Wilmot-Breeden Mfg. Co. LTD, Van Duzer and many others, respectively.  Updates and changes to this Exhibition will take place periodically during its yearlong stay, so frequent visits are encouraged for all automobilia fans and motometer collectors (and enthusiasts).  There is no charge to access the Exhibition.


Provided below are some photos (Courtesy of the AACA Library and Research Center's Mike Reilly, Catalog Librarian) so that you can see the initial display and layout.  Other photos are available on the AACA Library and Research Center's Facebook page via the following Link .


Mr. Clax and Motometercentral wholeheartedly thank and extend sincere appreciation to Chris Ritter - Head Librarian, Matt Hocker - Assistant Librarian, Mike Reilly - Catalog Librarian and the AACA for providing us this grand opportunity to share this historically significant collection with its members and visitors.  We hope that you will make time to visit and enjoy the entire AACA Headquarters facility.  Thanks to the AACA Hershey, PA is so much more than chocolate for cargals and guys.  (CLICK on PHOTO to Enlarge)








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