The Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA) is the oldest and largest antique automobile organization in the world and each year it facilitates its national conference that brings together regional chapter presidents and members to discuss wide ranging and individual chapter and committee business and issues.  The annual National conference is typically held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania the city of its 1939 origin.  Its biggest event is the Eastern region Fall Swap Meet held in Hershey, PA during the first full week of October each year.  The Fall Swap Meet is an annual pilgrimage for half a million Antique and Classic Car Era vehicles from around the world, including us at MotometerCentral™.

MotometerCentral™’s Founder Francis G. Clax was selected and invited to speak at this year’s annual conference as a Seminar presenter.  Francis, one of this year’s earliest selectees and he choose to speak on the topic of “Automobilia and Its Relationship to Preserving Automotive History.”


The  “Automobilia and Its Relationship to Preserving Automotive History” seminar was well-attended, particularly by Pre-1916 vehicle owners and included automobilia expert; profound automobilia artifact collector and preservationist; and, former AACA National President Terry Bond.  Immediately Francis and Terry struck up an in-depth conversation on all things automobilia related discovering many things in common along the way before the start of the seminar.


The seminar ran from 10:am to 11:30am on Saturday, Feb. 10th.


Francis covered the earliest historical references to automobilia then followed the rise of automobilia in America with a brief discussion of modern automobilia; the many types; great books on the subject; the pervasiveness of reproductions; collecting tips; and, strategies for exhibiting collections.


Francis brought with him a wide-ranging sample of antique automobilia for seminar attendees to view and consider collecting if not already doing so and a variety of subject related books including Dr. James Colwill and Bruce Stewart’s “Automotive Mascot” series, Ontario County Historical Society Museum Educator Preston Pierce’s book, “A Man Who Could Stand Prosperity: John North Willys” on John North Willys of Overland, Willys Knight and Willys Jeep fame.


The books were including with donations to the Ontario County Historical Society Museum, a 501 C (3) not for profit corporation.  Preston’s books were a big hit and many were handed out.


The seminar went over well with the attendees who asked many questions; swamped the exhibit, Francis and MotometerCentral™’s Vice President and Marketing Director.  The tail end of the seminar continued to receive new attendees from other seminar hoping to take in some portion of Francis' presentation.


Attendees unanimously commented about “how inspired” and “motivated” they are/were about automobilia collecting, researching and exhibiting – the goal and perfect response to the seminar presentation.  Many positive comments came in via email.

AACA Logo wall projection at 2018 Philadelphia Convention on MotometerCentral™.com



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