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Our MotometerCentral website is the authority for all factual information on the subject of motometers.


We developed this website to aid motometer automobilia collecting enthusiasts' need for more factual information about early automobile radiator-mounted engine temperature indicating devices, more commonly known as motometers, in general and specific, with regard to their origins, history and, to help/assist you in building an outstanding, high quality collection.


Site founder, Francis Clax, began collecting automobiles in 1976, motorcycles followed two years later.  Always intrigued by speed and early motometers it was only around 2011 that he began to collect these early motor heat indicators in earnest.   His keen and most uncanny timing enabled him to acquire numerous truly rare, unique and highly historically significant artifacts including several motometers and related items from top collectors throughout the world.


Motivated by a very strong calling to know more about their origins based upon more than factually challenged and all too frequently plagiarized  quotes, he set out to perform his own independent research and fact finding.  As a result of this arduous undertaking to recover long lost history and records on these all too frequently overlooked automotive industry accessory components and items he was able to amass the largest  independent, single source database on the subject.


As a part of that information gathering process, Mr.Clax  has assembled the most impressive and historically verifiable collections of motometers and related items ever assembled any where or time in the world.  His motometer collection includes the oldest known surviving motometer, as well as the second and numerous other early examples from the primary and secondary manufacturers around the world during the early internal-combustion engine powered automobile days and years.   His distinguished collection also includes very rare and one -of -a kind  company catalogs, manuals, records, receipts and other documents, along with outstanding, highly sought after promotional aids, advertising signs, and much more.


And, while five years of collecting experience may not seem like a long time, in some circles, in  comparison to the time spent by others, Francis' tremendous, night and day, exhaustive research; forensic- like investigations; combined with dogged and relentless journalistic standard of information gathering and analysis has enabled him to trump and surpass the years of involvement of many others in this automobilia collecting niche, respectively.  The accurate knowledge that he has gained has enabled him to quickly identify and acquire the most historically significant motometers available during his active collecting years.  He would now like to share his knowledge and information with you.

Francis has since embark on a nation-wide tour of esteemed automotive industry organizations, events, museums; colleges, universities and institutions of higher learning to discuss the relevance, significance and legacy of these early temperature indicating instruments along with their close relationship with the development of the automobile, numerous components as well as growth and popularity of the automobile market.

Francis has since published numerous articles on the subject for leading antique automobile organization magazines and participated in a variety of prestigious conferences, symposiums and other scholarly events as a highly sought after speaker/presenting expert on the topic.


As you journey through  this focused and dedicated website exploring its many sub-chapters and facets be assured that the facts and information put forth on this website have all been fully substantiated, whether bibliographically cited or not.  No urban legends, made up "facts" or plagiarized statements here,  just the real and truthful facts gathered largely from period-specific newspaper articles, industry trade publications, authentic, original company documents and tons of tireless research.


All motometer information has been meticulously independently researched, substantiated and provided by Francis G. Clax who employed the highest and strictest journalistic ethical standards and methods to verify each detail of information on this website, in his automotive industry conference speeches and presentattions as well as magazine articles and books.


Our goal is to motivate automobile enthusiasts towards motometer collecting; assist others in assembling a high quality, authentic collection; and, to intrigue, educate and entertain all.


MotometerCentral™ is also very proud to be very closely affiliated with the Motometer Collectors Association™ (MCA).  The Motometer Collectors Association is the first and, currently, only professional motometer-focused authentication and membership organization for this niche within the field of automobilia.  The Motometer Collectors Association™ serves its members  by providing greater Access to research information contained within its immense digital database and physical files; Motometer item-related condition Reviews, Analysis, Authentication and Certification Services, Expert and master Qualification Workshops and Certifications; Member motometer Item Provenance Registration and onsite Classified Ad listings of motometer items for barter, exchange,  sale, buy or trade.


The Motometer Collectors Association™ is an organization who's time has come.



Motometer collectors have longed for helpful and truthful information on the subject and about their motometer item(s), as well for a professional association around which to organize and be a part.   

And, only now has an entity stepped up to the task.


The Motometer Collectors Association™ invites all site visitors, motometer and automobilia enthusiasts and collectors alike to join and begin enjoying its many member benefits, services and assets.



We are proud and active members of the Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA) and the Society of Automotive Historians (SAH).










The MotometerCentral™ website is dedicated to and continually inspired by Harrison H. Boyce, George H. Townsend and Paul L. Veeder.  Without these three men good incomes, clean and safe working conditions for Motometer Company employees and their families would not have been possible as well, the (then) practical automobile engine temperature gauge and the now higly desirable automobilia collectible, known as the BOYCE MOTO-METER would not have come into existence and become ever so popular.  They did, at the time, what no one else had foreseen to do, they persevered, and they were successful at their endeavor to assist early 20th Century automobile owner's from losing their transportation investment to what they knew to be a preventable problem.



We understand that there is little to no truthful, in-depth or elaborate motometer information readily available on the internet or in automotive literature, however it is inexcusable and a violation of our copyright to copy, cut & paste, photocopy, scan or otherwise digitally or manually copy, extract or reproduce any of our content in whole or part for any entities personal or professional use, regardless of use intent, profit or non-profit - without exception, except by express written permission or non-contested authorization.  Our images may possess non-visible digital encrypted identification and possession encoding and we routinely monitor internet search engines and websites (including Blogs) to determine if our images are being used without our permission.  Violators will be vigorously prosecuted in accordance with applicable laws or internet service provider policies and provisions.



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