Effective with the issue of The Monitor MotometerCentral™ official Newsletter to be mailed will be the last available through the website.  Effective with the New Year The Monitor will instead be added to the benefits of Motometer Collector Association™ members without charge (for digital issues).


The Monitor features a behind-the-scenes look at the activities at MotometerCentral™; rare insight into extremely scarce or one-of-a kind motometer artifacts as well as tips on building a better quality motometer automobilia collection and much, much more.


The Motometer Collector Association™ (MCA) is the organization founded and formed by MotometerCentral™ founder and owner Francis G. Clax to facilitate greater camaraderie and communication between members as a community of like-minded collectors and professionals.  No other similar group exists for motometer collectors and enthusiasts.  Membership is available at several different participation levels, durations and benefits.  Click here to learn more about the MCA and how to JOIN.


Motometer collecting at a professional letter is still in its relative infancy with Francis and MotometerCentral™ in the lead.  Now is the time to gain from the best and make your collection the best that it can be – joining the Motometer Collector Association™ is the best way to do that.



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