"1923 Italian and European GP: A Race of Profound Transformation"

By Aldo Zana

Aldo Zana at 2016 Jean Argewtsinger Symposium on MotometerCentral.com
Aldo Zana on MotometerCentral.com

Aldo Zana another of our distinguished Itialian auto racing historian ambassadors presented on the topic of  "1923 Italian and European GP: A Race of Profound Transformation" this year's Jean S. Argetsinger Symposium on International Motor Racing History in Watkins Glen, NY.

Italian auto racing drivers and auto race car manufacturers along with their French counterparts significantly contributed to making racing thrilling, competitive and professional especially during the formative years of Grand Prix circuit racing.

The 1923 Italian and European Grand Prix officially named, in Italian, as "III Gran Premio d'Italia I Grand Prix d'Europe"was the first designated European Grand Prix event was held in Monza, Italy. It was won by Italian Carlo Salamano driving a Fiat.  (American Jimmy Murphy drove his Miller to the third place finish.)

At right is a postcard photo image that comes from the listyle.com website and shows the race winner in a posed for picture with a then relatively new Prime Minister Benito Mussilini admiring or inspecting Salamano's Fiat. 


Source Credit http://listyes.com/g/600027270/postcard-italian-1923-grand-prix-monza-bordino-in-fiat-w-mussolini

ussilini examining the 1923 Italian and European Grand Prix Winning Car and Driver

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