"Goodbye Four Hooves, Hello Four Wheels: Automobile Polo,

the Forgotten Motorsports Pastime"

By Andrew Hart

Andrew Hart At the Jean S. Argetsinger Symposium on MotometerCentral.com

Florida International University Miami graduate student, Andrew Hart was the 2016 Jean S. Argetsinger Symposium's second speaker of the opening evening.  Despite being the youngest speaker at the event, Andrew took to the podium and gave a confident and invigorating presentation on automobile polo.

As Andrew not only explained auto polo but showed the crowd  (1910s -to- '20s) periodical articles, illustrations and an extremely rare film clip of participants in action.

This sporting activity never took off as anything more than a localized county fair type side show attraction despite efforts to grow and legitimize it.

Andrew revealed some of the attempts to elevate the sport that included the patenting of what would seem to have been the first automobile roll bar system.

We are sure that we speak for all of the attendees in congratulating Andrew on inspiring, educating and entertaining all of us at this year's symposium and are very pleased to see such a fine young person taking on the responsibility of preserving automotive industry history.

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