The momentum of our Featured Ephemera articles series continues to accelerate as more website visitor start to understand the add- value virtues that such items add to a quality motometer automobilia collection.

As far as we can tell the items that we share with you are rare or lone surviving artifacts.  We share these items to help inform automotive historians, the most serious motometer collectors and,to better establish the historic record of these intriguing devices.

Remembering that it is 2017, it would quite fitting to reveal a 100-year old sales pamphlet probably not seen by many or few other others alive today.

APRIL 2017 featured ephemera item is the 1917 Sales Pamphlet introducing the then new BOYCE MOTO-METER "Midget Model."

In January of 1916, the Motometer Co. first introduced the Midget model type BOYCE MOTO-METER.  The Midget joined the larger Standard and Junior versions in the BOYCE MOTO-METER product line.



The Midget was a focused product for increasingly popular small engine displacement autos that were emerging on the auto market.

Several matters of note are:

One, Early Midgets utilized the open back and protective thermometer instrument rails unlike later generational types;

Two, These Midgets also were assembled with exposed lowered thermometer bulb radiator cap attachment bolts;

Three, The front side of these Midgets were manufactured with a metal dial (plate) versus glass crystal lens and retaining ring/bezel of later generational unit types; and,

Four, They are cast with the model type identification phrase "BOYCE MOTO-METER Patented Motometer Co. New York U. S. A."

The above Ad is unique enough in itself however the real object of this article is the below included Sales Pamphlet.

The "Announcing Our New 'Midget Model" Pamphlet  of the Motometer Company when it still had a New York (City) address was acquired many years ago and is in pristine condition other than its original two tri-folds.  Colors are clear and vibrant.

Most forms of ephemera by their very nature rarely survive, were printed on very poor quality paper, were not meant to be saved for this long a period of time or have aged, severely yellowed and crumbled past the point of usefulness.  This pamphlet is frame and exhibition display worthy, though it like all other similar artifacts of ours are rarely exposed to environmental conditions, including light.

The pamphlet is red ink rubber stamped as being distributed by the Findeisen & Kropf Mfg. Co., of New York City."

These pamphlets were not included inside Midget model packaging boxes as other small format pamphlet-catalog-manuals, so this one would have been specially issued to Findeisen & Kropf BOYCE MOTO-METER customers only.

New Midget Model 1916 Introduction Ad on MotometerCentral.com
1917 Boyce Moto-Meter Midget Introduction Pamphlet on MotometerCentral.com



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