Every two years the Society of Automotive Historians holds its biennial conference at which highly astute and nationally esteemed automotive industry scholars and preservations present papers and hold discussions on various aspects and/or automotive topics.  Being selected to present a paper and/or speak at the conference is a tremendous honor, in of itself.  Paper presenters are given the additional benefit of having their paper published in an upcoming issue of the organization's magazine. 


This year the Biennial Conference will be held on April 14-16, 2016 in Cleveland, Ohio and consist of a series of seminars throughout the day, highlighted by a tour of the incredible Crawford Auto Aviation at the Western Reserve Historical Society.  The Crawford features several very intriguing defunct antique automobiles, including limited production Cleveland Motor Company cars.  The Cleveland Motor Company was only in operation for about five years (1904-1909).


The topic subject of this year's conference will center around "Beginnings and New Beginnings," to "cover the first steps of the nascent motor industry in second tier cities and its early consolidation into a small number of major producers."  Conference keynote speakers scheduled to appear include Bernard J. Golias, automotive historian and Cleveland resident, and James Rubenstein, professor of Geography, Miami University, Ohio.  Joining them as a paper presenter and Seminar speaker will be our own Francis G. Clax, MotometerCentral founder and collection owner, who will discuss the history of motometers and their rise in sales with the growth of the early Twentieth Century automotive industry.


Selected to present a paper at the end of November from a host of otherwise quite worthy candidates Mr. Clax is quite excited to present this long since overlooked topics to an awaiting audience of like minded automotive industry historians, preservationists, salient enthusiasts and archivists.  Francis will bring with him several highly significant motometer artifacts  generally never before seen by the general public as display proof examples.


Each seminar session will be structured in a lecture format followed by a question and answer session.


Francis and the entire MotometerCentral staff sincerely thank Conference Chair, Arthur Jones and the Society of Automotive Historians  for this unique and greatly appreciated opportunity and looks forward to the upcoming conference.


The Society of Automotive Historians Biennial Conference is open to the general public through a pre-registration process by contacting:


Ruben L. Verdes, Treasurer

7491 N. Federal Hwy., Ste C5337

Boca Raton, FL USA 33487-1625





A copy of the Conference brochure and seminar schedule can be viewed at or by clicking that Link for immediate access to the PDF file.


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