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"The Automotive Mascot Series" by James R. Colwill and Bruce Stewart

                   These are a fantastic series of beautifully illustrated and highly informative books

                   on all types of automotive mascots, hood ornaments and motometers that are great

                   for all levels of collectors and the generally interested.  The books also serve as a terrific

                   guide to collecting the best and most valuable artifacts.  Highly recommended for all

                   automobilia fans!




            Art of Design Series:


                         Volume One    - "The Early Years"


                         Volume Two    - "The Golden Years"


                         Volume Three - "The Latter Years"



                       Un Objet d' Art


                       Un Objet d' Art Encore


            Purpose Form & Function Series:


                         Volume One


                         Volume Two


                         Volume Three





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We reserve the absolute right to accept or reject any requests to place an Ad listing on our website.

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We reserve the right to layout an Ad Listing based upon our website program parameters, creative design, space accommodations and/or requirements and/or input from the Listing Client  as necessary or deemed appropriate.

Except as otherwise determined or arranged all Ad Listings are shown for a 30-day (consecutive) period only at which point the Listing will be removed unless renewed.

ALL Ad Listings accepted MUST BE PRE-PAID IN FULL prior to Listing design and publication without exception.

Any changes to an Ad Listing once posted is subject to a fee.

Item Sale or views are NOT GUARANTEED.

Seller is responsible for Sales fulfilment to include accurate Ad Listing description, Sold price payment and collection; accurate, safe, prompt and secure delivery; and, end customer satisfaction.

New Ad Listing customers may be required to post an end customer (bond) fee to ensure accurate item shipping; safe and secure delivery; and, customer satisfaction.

It is the responsibility of the Ad Listing customer to notify MotometerCentral and the responsible customer service account representative when the item sale has been realized so that the listing may be marked as sold or de-listed and removed from the website and any other related publication.

Photo images supplied by the Ad Listing customer must be accurate, show multiple angles including any scars, scratches, bends, dents, marrs, discolorations, plate finish loss, etc. or any other defect that is different than the pristine condition when factory manufactured, sold or issued as new.


All photo images supplied must be recent, digital and of high resolution (Fine quality, 1600 x 1200 image resolution or higher, 12MP or higher) be digitally transferable and not be digitally altered, adjusted or enhanced, (including backgrounds or use of programs/applications such as Photoshop, etc.)  And, should be in the correct (Landscape perspective, i.e., no side bars or need of rotation, etc.)

Image cropping, re-photographing, correct orientation, titling, etc. of items by MotometerCentral may result in a fee charge.

Ad Listing customer may and should watermark or digitally watermark their supplied photo images with a proper copyright notice to protect their image rights.  MotometerCentral is not required and will not do so automatically for the Ad Listing customer.  MotometerCentral reserves the right to supplement the photo image or mark with the phrase "Appears on" and to use any commercial, legal and/or proprietary encrypted encoding methods to track or prevent unauthorized surreptitious use of said images that appear on or that emanate from its website.

Other policies may be added, deleted or altered with or without notice, input or consideration.

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