This 2019 was another banner year for MotometerCentral™  as we made numerous contributions to high award winning automobiles and owners at the leading Concours level Auto Shows.

Auto Shows like the Amelia Island Concours de'Elegance bring together the very best of automobiles during the early first half of the year to be strictly scrutinized and judged.  Winning an award there is no small deal as only the best of the best cars are invited than they are intently scrutinized by some of the most experienced and toughest judges found anywhere.  Even documentation on the smallest detail can be called upon to be produced else points may be deducted.

MotometerCentral™ was called upon to supply an authentic motometer for historically significant and highly unique Nickel Era autos that otherwise were impeccably and painstakingly restored back to original conditional, so we accessed our complete motometer inventory to furnish the car owners with exact period-specific and model type matching motometers that would have been correct for the cars and their year of manufacture and road-going operation.

MotometerCentral™ always researches and documents the provenance of its motometer items and automobilia.  This documentation proved additionally beneficial when an owner of a motometer supplied by us owner was judge questioned about documentation of detailed item involved in his restoration and he unhesitently produced the file on his motometer furnished by us to the judges' immediate appreciation and approval.  Seems the judges were also very familiar with the extensive and unquestionable motometer authority of our organization and its founder.

Concours level judges do not question our motometer vehicle applications or supplied authentication documentation due to our decades of integrity, expertise, personal and professional trust and dedication to to the motometer automobilia niche.  So, when you wisely choose to do business with MotometerCentral™ you can do so with absolute confidence.

MotometerCentral™'s founder, Founder, Francis G. Clax  a well-respected and noted auto historian and researcher also provided crucial and critical provenance research assistance that proof positive identified previous auto owners for current owners necessary to tightly document the chain of ownership further establishing historical significance.

As the posting above shows it has been a very busy and successful Summer for MotometerCentral™ so far this year with many more auto Concours events and international conferences to come.

Contact us if you have an exceptional Brass or Nickel Era vehicle that needs top level show judging automobilia, especially a period or marque specific motometer, and we will see if we can help or assist you.  We also provide expert-level historical research, exhibition, educational presentations and demonstrations.  Just use the CONTACT US link.

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