Harry Vissering 1933 Indicator Patent Dr





Harry Vissering 1933 Indicator Patent

As part of MotometerCentral™'s on-going article series on obscure and/or lesser known motometer inventors this November 2020 we profile inventor Harry Vissering of Chicago, Illinois.

The purpose of this particular and the monthly article series is to educate and inform series motometer collecting enthusiasts and early 20th century automotive industry historians in furtherance of accurate general and specific motometer item research, provide factual information for the historical record and to increase discussion in the world of automobilia.

Certain motometer inventing figures and their gauge-devices garner and have been given less attention than others of more prominent familiarity,  MotometerCentral™ is changing that process.  Not every inventor is famous or extremely financially successful, but each and everyone shares a creative spirit and desire to succeed that we greatly appreciate.

By downloading the brief biography on Harry Vissering you can learn more about his "Indicator for Radiator" automobiles patented motometer gauge.  Vissering was once asserted to have been the very first motometer inventor for an automobile.

To succeed in the 1920s Motor Heat Indicator Automobile Accessory market was a difficult task given the immense head start of the BOYCE MOTO -METER™ yet several entrepreneurial inventors took their chance to reach for the "brass ring" of market success, which we at MotometerCentral™ greatly appreciation as it drives our passion to locate each and every type ever actually manufactured as a commercial product or prototype.

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