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Another item that made our December 2016 "Fakes, Reproductions and Fantasy Items" list is the very recently reproduced "BOYCE-ite" Sign.

Actual Boyce-ite was an engine de-carbonization fluid patent acquisitioned by BOYCE MOTO-METER inventor Harrison Boyce that he and Paul L. Veeder partnered under the Boyce Veeder Corporation in 1919,  to manufacture, market, sell and distribute world-wide in either small cans or wholesale to gasoline stations for large volume customer purchase through pump delivery systems.

Most people do not know that in 1919 Harrison Boyce left his position with the Moto-Meter Company to start his own company.  He co-founded the Boyce-Veeder Corporation with critical Motometer Company investor, Paul Lansing Veeder.


Paul invested significant capital in the Motometer Company when it really needed it most.  Paul worked in the Motometer Company as its Operations and Facilities Planning Manager and served as a vice-president.


Initially the company sold fire extinguishers for automobiles, homes and factories.  In the mid 1920s Boyce-Veeder got into selling Boyce-ite De-Carbonization solution.  Boyce-ite sold extremely well as carbon build-up in early Twentieth Century internal-combustion engine vehicles was all too commonplace and Boyce-ite offered a simple resolution to the problem.

The specific sign in question is a reproduction made of the authentic version of the sign that sold on October 5th, 2015 during a Morphy's petroliana auction.  That original sign sold for a whopping $9,000 (See at left).  The seller of the reproduction version runs a reproduction sign making company that regularly sells such items on eBay and must have either been the winning Morphy Auction sign winner or has been granted the right to produce copies for the legitimate owner.


Of all the many reproduction motometer-related or associated products that abound this one might be worth obtaining even knowing that it is a reproduction, if you are into petroliana, Boyce-ite or motometer stuff and just want an office, workshop, garage door or wall sign given its closeness to the real thing and the extremely unlikelihood of obtaining another original in as good of condition.



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