Demystifying MESSKO Radiator Thermometers


These days because so many people want to believe that they have somehow found a NEW OLD STOCK (NOS) "diamond in the rough" barn or garage find in excellent condition from their father or granddad that it must be truly old and from the 1920s or '30s, because isn't that when these types of devices were supposed to have been in vogue and/or last used.  Right?  And, grandpa was always into old cars and it is not possible that he would have a reproduction or fake.  Right?


Problem is that all too many of the MESSKO Radiator Thermometers that show up on the secondary market for sale tend to show little to no wear as if purchased recently.  And, while these sellers are ready and overly eager to sell these devices they neglect to realize or make obviously known the fact that the MESSKOs are Chrome-plate fnished versus real 1920s versions having either black enamel paint or nickel-plate finishes.


Pulfer and Williams made a whole host of reproduction dial plates that conveniently fit both large MESSKO Radiator Thermometers, Standard, De Luxe and Universal Type BOYCE MOTO-METERs.  Many were of pure fantasy, such as those for AutoCar, Buick, Dodge Brothers, Ford, GMC, MG, Pontiac, among many other marques.

Pulfer and Williams reproduction products extended well beyond motometer dials and included antique looking vehicle identification body tags, radiator badges/emblems, hood ornaments and/or mascots, key fobs and virtually any auto logo item that could have been found on Pre War cars.

Unfortunately too many automobilia enthusiasts are overly ambitious without conducting meaningful research into the item of interest and fall prey to pure profit based sellers some with little or no scruples or concern for truth.

All we at MotometerCentral can do is place truth and fact-based information on our website to be used in an honest manner for all site visitors to view.  Site visitors are welcome to activate our Motometer Identification Services for cost-effective  assistance in determining authenticity or originality.  As time goes on this service proves itself of greater value and worth to serious automobilia and motometer collectors.

People are, of  course, welcome to seek whatever price that they think they can get for their item, however, at what cost to the existing market, legitimate collectors and those who have performed honest, diligent and extensive independent research.

MotometerCentral does not endorse anyone's motometer item sales or products.

"Buick" - MESSKO Reproduction exposed on #1
"Buick" - MESSKO Reproduction exposed on #2
"Buick" - MESSKO Reproduction exposed on #3



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