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During this year of 2020, we are going to post profiles on motometer inventors far lesser known by name than Harrison Boyce.  This May we place the spotlight on Pietro Rossi and his motometer contribution commonly  known as the "Rossi Lighthouse."


Not a lot is typically known about "obscure" motometer inventors as their particular brand of radiator-mounted engine temperature indicating gauge-devices, more often failed to sell well with the overall internal-combustion engine motorcar owning public or capture their eye as did the BOYCE MOTO-METER™.

On the below pages that follow is some of the researched information that we have developed regarding  Pietro Rossi and his "Combined Ornament and Temperature Indicator for Radiator Caps" motometer.  Just click on any page link to read more about him and his brand of motometer.

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The Pietro Rossi designed and manufactured "Combined Ornament and Temperature Indicator for Radiator Caps" is one of the favorites in our vast collection.  It is quite literally outstanding!

Our gratitude is extended to the Anglo Italian Family Historical Society for their additional information insights and image contribution.

Very Special Thanks to Jim Colwill and Bruce Stewart for so much more than their image of Rossi's Mercury Pegasus automotive mascot photo image from their Automotive Mascots: Purpose Form Function - Volume Two book.


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