Christmas time arrives and it seems as if everyone with some rusty, unknown to them hunk of junk from the garage, basement or deceased relative's tool bin tries to see if they can get your money. This includes those with reproduction and poorly contrived customized, personalized and faked items.  This article series has been devoted to assisting our visiting serous motometer collectors in readily deciphering the authentic from the phony.


MotometerCentral's "Fakes, Reproduction & Fantasy" article series has come to an end, for now, with this December's installment.


So we are going to try to end this year's series with a bang by exposing multiple items before a new article topic series begins in January.

Over the past year we have featured each month a different non authentic motometer-related item and drawn your attention to the telltale signs of these non- genuine items to help serious motometer collecting enthusiasts avoid wasting money and looking foolish in the company of more knowledgeable, experienced collectors.

Granted item owners are at liberty to change or modify their item as they may see fit however doing so may have the unintended consequence of lowering its value or rendering it rather worthless to serious collectors in the near, short- or long term.   In addition, item owners are also at liberty to sell their items and hopefully not through fraudulent or deceptive means or statements.

Certain sales outlet have little -to- no safeguards in place to protect unsuspecting, low- information motometer enthusiasts from purchasing questionable "authentic, genuine, original or so-called "rare" items.  This situation is well-known to some sellers who exploit the prevailing loopholes as far as they can in hopes of avoiding detection and scrutiny.


Avoiding fakes, reproductions and pure fantasy items will save you money, potential embarrassment and enable you to put your resources to better use in acquiring true authentic original items with less of price or cost.

Of course the decision to include such items in your collection is yours.  All we can do is attempt to educate and make you more aware of what is out there and how to spot it so that you don't get taken or waste money.

With proper education and  awareness motometer collecting enthusiasts can guard themselves and look forward to assembling a motometer collection of quality and authenticity and, quite possibly, of automotive historical significance.

MotometerCentral is the only place guaranteed to provide accurate and factual information on the subject and is able to do so based upon its unparalleled research capability, archives and databases and, extensive artifact collection.


Click on any of the images provided to see an enlarged view.

Fake "Oldsmobile" Boyce Moto-Meter exposed on MotometerCentral.com
Fake "Oldsmobile" Boyce Moto-Meter Image #2 exposed on MotometerCentral.com




This December 2016 "Fakes, Reproductions and Fantasy Items" article edition is the last for this series at this time as we intend to move forward with an entirely new set of topics.  In this last edition we expose our website guests, regular visitors and site subscribers to a fantasy motometer-related item that "popped" up on the fabulous eBay online auction website or has caught our attention elsewhere.. 


"Caveat Emptor" or let the buyer beware is what motometer automobilia enthusiasts can expect if they buy a motometer item anywhere other than on MotometerCentral.com  Unlike the other websites or seller's, including those at Swap Meets , Flea Markets and Garage/Yard Sales MotometerCentral has actual, extensive experience with the items it promotes and/or sells and knows what is is and whether it works properly or not.  We do not operate in a no rules environment.

First up is an "Oldsmobile BOYCE MOTO-METER."

This "Oldsmobile BOYCE MOTO-METER" is a far cry from any legitimate ones that we have ever seen in our collection or that of any other senior motometer collectors that we have known.

Perhaps it is in the sticker with the Oldsmobile name adhered to the front dial plate? 


We add quotation marks around this and similar fake, reproduction and/or fantasy item names because they are not original or authentic BOYCE MOTO-METER items nor in their present state were they as manufactured by the actual/factual Moto Meter Company. 



SINCE 1912