So many Fakes, Reproductions & Fantasy Items its getting hard to keep up with them so follow this soon to be ending column series.

Over the past year we have featured each month a different non aunthentic motometer-related item and drawn your attention to the telltale signs of these non- genuine items to help serious motometer collecting enthusiasts avoid wasting money and looking foolish in the company of more knowledgeable, experienced collectors.

This November's article highlights and draws your attention to a pure fantasy motometer item for your awareness, knowledge and assistance in building a better quality of motometer collection, one that is based on authenticity. 

Granted item owners are at liberty to change or modify their item as they may see fit however doing so may have the unintended consequence of lowering its value or rendering it rather worthless to serious collectors in the near, short- or long term.  Avoiding fakes, reproductions and pure fantasy items will save you money, potential embarrassment and enable you to put your resources to better use in acquiring true authentic original items with less of price or cost.

Of course the decision to include such items in your collection is yours.  All we can do is attempt to educate and make you more aware of what is out there and how to spot it so that you don't get taken or waste money.

With proper education and  awareness motometer collecting enthusiasts can guard themselves and look forward to assembling a motometer collection of quality and authenticity and, quite possibly, of automotive historical significance.

MotometerCentral is the only place guaranteed to provide accurate and factual information on the subject and is able to do so based upon its unparalleled research capability, archives and databases and, extensive artifact collection.


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Fantasy "GULF Boyce Moto-Meter" exposed on MotometerCentral.com
Fantasy "GULF Boyce Moto-Meter" exposed on MotometerCentral.com
Fantasy "GULF Boyce Moto-Meter" exposed on MotometerCentral.com
Fantasy "GULF Boyce Moto-Meter" eBay Listing exposed on MotometerCentral.com
Fantasy "GULF Boyce Moto-Meter" exposed on MotometerCentral.com
Fantasy "GULF Boyce Moto-Meter" Rear side View exposed on MotometerCentral.com
Fantasy "GULF Boyce Moto-Meter" exposed on MotometerCentral.com




This November 2016 "Fakes, Reproductions and Fantasy Items" article edition we expose our website guests, regular visitors and site subscribers to a fantasy motometer-related item that "popped" up on the fabulous eBay online auction website. 


Once again, this website demonstrates that it is always "Caveat Emptor" or let the buyer beware as there are no rules or monitors to protect buyers on the front end prior to or during the initial listing process.

This month's feature is a fantasy "GULF" BOYCE MOTO-METER."

We add quotation marks around this and similar fake, reproduction and/or fantasy item names because they are not original or authentic BOYCE MOTO-METER items nor in their present state were they as manufactured by the actual/factual Moto Meter Company. 


"GULF" was a real company, founded in 1901 as Gulf Oil Company in Pittsburgh, PA. Most recognizable by it orange round circular background with the big letters of the word "Gulf" across its middle in dark blue.  (See below.)  Note: Over time the colors of the essential logo design did change.










In 1984 the Gulf Oil Company went defunct and what remained was rebranded as Chevron.  This item appeared on eBay.com as shown at left.    So while the actual Gulf Oil Company was in business during the same years that the Moto Meter Company was in operation there is no presence of it in any of the Moto Meter Company's original catalogs or documents and it seems rather apparent that the image used in place of an original metal dial (plate).

This is also NOT A 1913 BOYCE MOTO-METER as listed!  Rather it is more so a mid 1920s version of the Standard model type.  And, its temperature indicating fluid seems to have long since dried up rendering this unit non-functional for vehicle application use purposes.  The date listed has nothing to do with this item's actual date of manufacture.



Based upon our experience, possession of a very large assortment of BOYCE MOTO-METERs and original company documents and records it is easy and reasonable for us to overwhelmingly conclude this "GULF" motometer as is to be a pure fantasy, made up  item.

It is also rather apparent that the paper used to make this dial (plate) replica originated with a Gulf oil ad of some sort.

None of our above statements is meant or intend on defaming the seller or to assert that their has been some nefarious attempt to fraud anyone, it is to the contrary a mere statement of earned education and significant experience along with reference to irrefutable company documents, records and actual physical gauge evidence that leads to a conclusion that the item in question is more likely than not a reproduction and not a genuine "original" as the seller, buyer and others  who believed it to be so.

If anyone can proof positive show us to be wrong we will immediately and sincerely apologize.  In the meanwhile we will continue to publish the facts, evidence and well-corroborated information about early Twentieth Century automobile radiator-mounted engine temperature indicating instruments/devices.

We do not necessarily claim to know absolutely everything about every motometer however we have extensively studied the subject beyond compare and maintain an extensive database and archive from which we can compare and reference so as to come to the the most solid evidence-based conclusion.

We address the issue of Fakes, Reproductions & Fantasy Items to protect the entire motometer market, from buyer to sellers, novice to senior collectors, and general public to industry historians.

we believe that it is important and imperative that everyone is playing on a level field based upon objective rules and information with even advantages.


We are not trying to halt or inhibit their sale.  We only wish to inform serious motometer colectors of their existence and (non-) relationship to authentic artifact examples.


  We, however, prefer to collect authentic items not made up or fantasy ones and highly encourage other serious motometer collectors to do so as well.



Motometercentral nor its founders own any of these items.



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