March for almost a decade has been a rather interesting month with regards to motometers up for sale on certain secondary markets.  Unfortunately for those seeking good, very good and/or fine quality motometers they are usually out of luck during this monthly cycle.  During the month of March not many unusual i.e., non-BOYCE MOTO-METER Brand type motometers come to market.


Despite the lack of good quality of motometers available through online websites such as® and overly ambitious motometer collecting enthusiasts still aggressively pursue and purchase these items that display obvious flaws; damage; alterations; or, are incomplete with missing components.


As all of this has been going on we at MotometerCentral™ stayed exceptionally busy with our on-going motometer exhibition; associated book and seminars; writing articles for various publications; and, speaking at community organizational meetings.  Our sales of exclusive and proprietary design Motometer Pedestals™ have been quite brisk; motometer information request services have been increasing; and our Founder, Francis G. Clax has been besieged by requests to speak at auto and social club meetings.


The January/February 2018 bi-monthly edition of the Society of Automotive Historians’ “SAH Journal” ( published an article written by Founder Francis Clax on last October’s jointly organized SAH and International Motor Racing Research Center Michael R. Argetsinger Symposium on international Racing History.  Francis was one of selected premier featured guest speakers for the second year in a row, presenting his research paper on French female 1930s racecar driver Anne Cecile Rose Itier.


As scheduled Francis’ extensive motometer collection went on public display, February 2nd at the Ontario County Historical Society Museum in Canandaigua New York part of the greater Rochester and Finger Lakes region.


Shortly after setting up the exhibition; assisting with event promotion and marketing; and hosting the V. I. P. Grand Opening day he got ready to speak at the Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA) National Conference event held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Francis facilitated a rousing and well-attended seminar on “Automobilia and it Relationship to Preserving Automotive History.”  He also furnished a display of very early automobilia for attendee engagement, relevance and enjoyment.


He then returned to the Canandaigua area to begin a series of seminars on motometers and other speaking opportunities for wide ranging groups and organizations.


The month of April has been no less busy for our always forward-thinking staff has already begun working on coordinating special auto club events for the Summer and Fall Months to great reception and planning success.


Other March/April 2018 News includes:










March/April 2018 Featured Article Series - Motometer Making Men: Oscar Moore



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