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MOTOMETERCENTRAL™ on the web is an immensely valuable asset for serious motometer collectors.


MOTOMETERCENTRAL™ on the web is irreplaceable -

No other site does it like MOTOMETERCENTRAL™


MOTOMETERCENTRAL™ on the web was founded as an open source clearinghouse for accurate information on all things motometer-related and to assist serious motometer collecting enthusiasts in building better quality collections.  Our goal was to give journeyman and experience motometer collectors more fact-based expert researched assistance in hope that our website would enjoy mutual meaningful support - unfortunately, that has not happened for us as much as for website users and visitors.


We routinely publish hard to find information about rare and commonly available motometers, obscure motometers and their equally little known inventors, what to look out for regarding reproductions versus authentic original examples as well showing firsthand, real world examples - all with meticulous detail and source corroboration.


We have wanted to share as much accurate information as we have available in belief that: 1.  It is wanted, 2. It is needed, 3. It is valuable and useful and that 4. It is historical important.  Unfortunately, accurate, well-researched, limited access information does not seem important enough to aspiring motometer collectors.


In 2015, MOTOMETERCENTRAL™ on the web opened to the public with great enthusiasm, fanfare and reception for its uniqueness and fresh take on this obscure niche within the automobilia field.  And, unique it has been.

The MOTOMETERCENTRAL™ motometer collection is not only the world’s largest and most complete example of the vast range of early 20th century radiator-mounted internal combustion engine temperature indicating gauge-devices ever assembled, it is also the most historically significant as it includes many of the world’s oldest known surviving and rarest gauges, artifacts and prototypes owned by popular “giants” in the early automotive industry and other well-known celebrity persons, it also includes ultra rare artifacts from the key people who built the business!


The MOTOMETERCENTRAL™ motometer collection is comprised of hundreds of best condition examples with the originally sold packaging materials and one of-a kind company documents including authentic original patents.


All of this, plus our hard-earned knowledge, time and resources we have shared in ways no other source has been cable or tried.

MOTOMETERCENTRAL™ has made available other resources to help improve fellow collector motometers such as countless resource papers, properly developed and manufactured pedestal on which to display and/or store motometers, re-calibration services to correct the overwhelmingly incorrectly stored gauges and correct use of terms to accurately and professionally identify and discuss motometers like a real expert and provides various services to help locate rare gauges and items.


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