Historically, the Moto-Meter Company of Long Island City, New York

                                  throughout the 30-year prominent lifecycle of their BOYCE MOTO-METER

                                  radiator-mounted engine temperature indicator brand gauge product

                                  placed most original motometer ads. 




These ads appear in the major automobile industry trade journals of the time, such as The Accessory and Garage Journal; Automobile Dealer and Repairer - A Practical Journal; Automobile Topics/Automobile Industries; Chilton’s Automobile Directory; Cycle and Automobile Trade Journal; Horseless Age; Motor Age; Motor Record; and, Motor World; though, ads also appeared in Ariel Age; Motor Boat; Hardware Review; Printers Ink; The Saturday Evening Post; among many other public general interest magazines and countless newspapers across the country.


One of the more “noteworthy” motometer-related advertisements appeared in The Saturday Evening Post for the Sunoco motor oil company that featured the artistic illustration work of Paul Proehl, (1887-1965) a co-illustrating associate with the more famous Norman Rockwell.

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