We have on occasion incorporated the use of this ad image in our museum exhibition promotional materials.


 Shortly after the initial public introduction of the BOYCE MOTO-METER, the Motometer Company and thereon using various iterations of its name (Motometer, Moto-Meter, Moto Meter and, lastly Moto Meter Gauge & Equipment (or Moto Meter G & E) most effectively used ever more illustrative advertisements to promote, showcase and differentiate its products.

This original “1913 Trade Sensation BOYCE MOTO-METER” ad is one of

our prized collection possessions particularly because it is important

in authenticating the appearance and highly specific features of the

earliest BOYCE MOTO-METERs of which we own four of the seven known

complete examples including the first two oldest ones extant.




The 1913 Trade Sensation BOYCE MOTO-METER” ad authenticates the

distinctive appearance and features of the earliest  manufactured,

sold and used BOYCE MOTO-METERs as shown at left.                              


Another example “how” ads can be used to improve a motometer collection can be seen through the acquisition and use of the following ad and its visual reference to an extremely rare 1920 Moto-Meter Company “Ignorance Is Not Always Bliss” brochure that appeared as part of an on-going ad campaign in The Saturday Evening Post magazines during the summer of 1920.


Only one of the “Ignorance Is Not Always Bliss” is known to exist, (left and right, respectively.  The ad authenticates the brochure and the “3-20” date of the brochure “Form” Number (146 - 250M-3-20) on the lower edge of the back page and in turn the brochure authenticates and corroborates the validity of the ad.

A lot of time in research and patience in acquiring advertisements that compliment even more rare original brochures and pamphlets, but this is what separates and distinguishes a good collection from a great one.


We take time, resources and great pride to have our acquired authentic, original ads framed so as to compliment their directly related artifact especially when part of a public display or exhibition.

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1914 BMM STD for Rear Right side of Biz
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