The following article, "Demystifying the BOYCE MOTO - METER" examines and discusses some of the nuanced aspects of BOYCE MOTO - METERs from their inception to the 1918 period when the verified Motometer Company, Inc. began to manufacture and sell the gauges in large volume.  The article brings forth factual aspects about the gauges, company history and key personnel for the purpose of dispelling some of the many falsehoods that are circulated around them by various parties for generally self-serving reasons other than the factual truth.


We believe the extensive and quite comprehensive article will be of assistance to those wanting to learn more in-depth information on BOYCE MOTO - METERs; their components; how they operate; and, aspects of demarcation, such as when certain models known as "Types" emerged and changed, what the dates on them mean and use of proper descriptive terms.


MOTOMETERCENTRAL is always academically focused and endeavoring to elevate the conversation around motometers and sincere collector professionalism.  This we feel is done best through education; research; adoption of verifiable information and terms; and, collecting only authentic, original period motometer artifacts regardless the brand type.


All information contained within this article has been thoroughly and independently researched and corroborated against several credit information sources and period documents and in-hand physical examples in which to compare and extract information.

Below are sample pages from Part One.


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We hope that serious motometer collecting enthusiasts will find it helpful.


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Demistifying the Boyce Moto-Meter Part O
Demistifying the Boyce Moto-Meter Part O
Demistifying the Boyce Moto-Meter Part O
Demistifying the Boyce Moto-Meter Part O



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