We at MotometerCentral™ are no strangers to the forms of automobilia -from artist painting, photography, sculptures and other renderings, books, post, radiator emblems/badges, motometers or the like including replica scale vehicle models.

Late last month we were drawn to an article written by friend, Larry Edsall, for the website about a company and their precision-made exact replica scale model cars for the collector market.


Every minute detail about the full-sized vehicle is manufactured in miniature in scales of 1:4 (or 1:5), 1:8, 1:12, 1:18 and 1:24 or as you custom order.  And, each is meticulously hand assembled, painted, finished, polished and placed within its own custom display and shipping case.

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Some people may scoff at the thought of collecting "model" cars based upon the ones of their youth, but these are not plastic, bend to separate, glue-globbed amateur kid painted facsimiles.  The works of Amalgam Fine Model Cars are truly miniature works of automotive art for discrete car owners and

astute automobilia collectors.



Amalgam Fine Model Cars' attention to detail extends to its product full packing starting with careful final quality assurance inspection, insertion into a custom created inner shipping box (with automotive-style cotter pin closure securing clamps) and inner documents above the clear acrylic display stand and pedestal.

Amalgam Fine Model Cars, their exquisite works and processes were even featured on a segment of Jay Leno's Garage, which you can check out by clicking on the image courtesy of Jay's You Tube channel.

You may be able to buy cheaper models but none finer or as exact!

Amalgam Fine Model Cars can be contacted at -

Click on the download link to read Larry's article and be sure to watch the featured videos supplied via You Tube.

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Happy Amalgam Fine Model Cars Ferrari LaFerrari Customer
Almagam Fine Model Cars on Jay Leno's Ga
Amalgam Fine Model Cars Attention to Detail
Amalgam Fine Model Cars Porsche GTR
Amalgam's Bugatti Grand-Sport
Amalgam Cool Inner Case Documentation
Amalgam Collector Car inner shipping box



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