Jean S. Argetsinger Symposium on International Motor Car Racing History


Watkins Glen, NY is a phenomenally scenic, entertaining and incredible auto racing oriented town.  The drive over the open and smooth roads past some of the best independent wineries and cremaries in the country​​ pleasantly spaced around the area's spectacular Finger Lakes region.

Does your town have such cool sign posts?  (Click on Photos to Enlarge)

The Jean S. Argetsinger Symposium event actually began on Friday, November 11th evening with a warm reception of speakers, presenters and IMRRC staff.  The event was co-organized in association with the Society of Automotive Historians. 


The SAH's Don Capps who worked with the precision IMRRC staff served as Master of Ceremonies.  Don did a spectacular job in assisting with the paper subject selection and symposium scheduling.  Don's selection of topics helped to weave together a rather complete, compelling and thoroughly entertaining historical perspective on international racing history and legacy future.

Elton G. "Skip" McGoun got us off to a fast and profound start with his discussion on truck racing in Columbia South America.  Skip augmented his "Racing in Reverse: IX Concurso Regional de Tractomulas - Festividades a la Virgin Del Carmen" presentation with a video of their highly unique style of truck racing competition, i.e., semi tractor and trailer operating in reverse along  narrow streets negotiating an obstacle course against the time of other competitors.



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Listed in Symposium Presentation Schedule Order are:

Andrew Hart "Goodbye Four Hooves, Hello Four Wheels: Automobile Polo,

                            the Forgotten Motorsports Pastime"

Francis G. Clax "Motometers and Their Association with Auto Racing"

Kristen Hall-Geisler "Lightning in a Throttle: Three Electric Vehicle Victories"

Tom Adamich "Automovillismo Cubana  - Cuban Motosports: A Brief 20th and 21st

                            Century Cultural and Political History"

Dan Simone - NASCAR Hall of Fame Curator - KEYNOTE SPEAKER

                          "The NASCAR Hall of Fame"

Giuseppe Valenza "Vicenzo Florio and the Origins of the Targa Florio: 1904 - 1906"

Aldo Zana "1923 Italian and European GP: A Race of Profound Transformation"

Paul Baxa "Motorsports Capital?  The Royal Automobile Club of Rome and Its Grand Prix,

                      1925 - 1932"

Peter Westin "Race Space:  The Transformation of Iconic Motorsports Circuits from Public

                            Space into Large-Technological Systems, 1950 - 2010"

Mark Howell "Fighting an Uphill Battle: NASCAR's Ongoing Struggle with TV Ratings and

                           Event Attendance"

Don Capps presenting for Jonathan Summers

                     "How Good Was"Little Joe?"  A Historiogaphical Reappraisal of Joe Weatherly,

                      1962 and 1963 NASCAR Grand National Champion"



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