Given the fact that we are just a few days away from the running start of 104th Indianapolis 500 - mile race event.


Set to start on Sunday, August 23rd -delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic- this year's field has been expanded to 33 drivers and cars for the usually run Memorial day event.













On August 12th, Mike Quinn (left) and Indianapolis Motor Speedway President Doug Boles unveil the Pace Car for the 104th Indianapolis 500, a Torch Red 2020 Corvette Stingray coupe, on (International Motor) Speedway Pagoda Plaza.

The choice of the all-new mid-engine Corvette C8 couldn't have been more brilliant or perfect.

So, in keeping with this ever history-making event MotometerCentral™ thought that we would pose a couple of trivia questions to our website visitors to see if they can correctly answer questions about former pace car drivers.

Step into our challenge and see if you are up to it!

See if you can answer the questions without resorting to the internet for help or assistance.  Hint, they are rather difficult without Internet help/assistance.

The answers follow.


Which Pace Driver has ceremonially lead the most 500 races?


                                  A.  AJ Foyt

                                  B.  Wilbur Shaw



                                   C. Ray Harroun

                                   D. Carl Fisher

                                   E.  Sam Hanks





Which of these Automobile Company namesakes never officially drove the pace car to lead off the race? (This one is a bit tricky)


                                   A.  Fred Duesenberg


                                   B.  Louis Chevrolet


                                   C.  Barney Oldfield


                                   D.  Eddie Rickenbacker


                                    E.  Harry C. Stutz


                                    F.  Henry Ford


                                    G.  Carl Benz



Which of these three ladies never officially drove the pace car at an Indy 500 to lead off the event?


                                     A. Lynn St. James


                                      B. Robin Roberts


                                     C. Elaine Irwin Mellencamp

Grand Unveiling of the 2020 Coevette Pac
Indy 500 Corvette Pace Car Open Door #2.



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