August wound up being busier than we originally estimated.


We responded to thousands of inquiries from around the world.  Re-calibrated several dozen thermometer-based motometers for customers and sold several hundred MotometerCentral™ Motometer Pedestals™ through last month’s promotion of ‘Buy Four . . . Save $8.00.


We hosted a tour of our founder’s motometer collection exhibition at the Ontario County Historical Society (OCHS) Museum in New York’s Finger Lakes region Town of Canandaigua for the Antique Automobile Club of America’s Wayne Drumlins Region Antique Automobile Club.  Supported our founder’s professional association writing efforts including submitting seminar presentation proposals to the AACA for its upcoming National Conference to be held in Philadelphia, PA and the Society for Automotive Historians (SAH) and International Motor Racing Research Center’s upcoming (November 8 & 9th, 2018) Michael R. Argetsinger Symposium on International Motor Racing History along with magazine article submissions to various publications.


Our Founder has already accepted two proposals and is scheduled to speak at the aforementioned conference and symposium.

Earlier this year Francis (Clax) had an article of his on “The Accurate History and Origins of Motometers” published by the SAH’s “History Review” magazine, a bi-monthly, members only publication.  This extensive article provided a detailed and highly documented account of these early Twentieth Century automobile radiator-mounted engine temperature indicators.  His well-researched work clarified many previous misrepresented details on these now primitive gauge-devices and fully backed each of his statement with factual and easy to look up references and evidence. 


His resounding work included never before revealed insight into the inner workings of the market dominating Motometer Company (of Long Island City, New York), competitors Stewart-Warner Speedometer Corporation and many others as well as key direct descendent interview brief with several of the industry’s most prominent figures (i.e., BOYCE MOTO-METER Inventor, Harrison H. Boyce, Motometer Co. President George H. Townsend II and Motometer Corporate Secretary, vice-president and Operations Manager, Paul L. Veeder, etc.) and thoroughly corrected a previously published similar article from 1976 from which many of the current misconceptions were based.


This article was extremely well received even by the organization’s most critical academic member-readers.


The August MotometerCentral™ Motometer Pedestals™ Summer Sale was a grand success though we would have loved to have sold more to help out other collectors who want to their motometer collection to look as professional as ours.


The clear acrylic pedestals are of a proprietary design that raise motometers of almost any brand type to the right height for viewing and present a consistent high quality, uniform look that can’t be beat at such an affordable rate!


Our MotometerCentral™ Motometer Pedestals™ have had years of testing and approval from leading auto museum curator, staff and viewing patrons to fellow elite automobilia collectors.  Nowhere else by anyone else offers or provides such an opportunity to other motometer automobilia collectors.


On Monday, August 20th, 2018 Our Founder and the OCHS Museum facilitated an exclusive auto club event tour of Francis’ vast motometer collection exhibit for participants of the AACA Blue Water Ramble, Pre-1916 Reliability Tour car owner swing through Canandaigua.  Owners of many grand Brass and Nickel Era cars dropped by with their brilliant autos to see and learn about motometers.  The Tour lasted for hours and the citizens of Canandaigua really enjoyed seeing all of the old cars crisscrossing the streets and parked in the Museum’s lot.


Several Fingers Lake region AACA clubs organized the Pre-1916 Reliability Tour as a means of demonstrating their cars ability to run long courses and still endure.  The cars looked and ran splendid, though not without a few miniscule issues, like overheating and minor radiator and oil leaks that to the chagrin of their owners were to be expected as would have happened in the endurance runs of their day.


All in all everyone seemed to enjoy the day that started off with a grand assembly at the nearby Sonnenberg Gardens and Mansion State Historic Park, Granger Homestead and Carriage Museum, a visit to an Amish woodworkers shop then over to the Museum before evening guest presentations that included a look into very rare antique automobile-related postcards of the previous two centuries lead by former AACA (national) President Terry Boyd.


This September, MotometerCentral™ Founder Francis G. Clax will have another very busy month, preparing for upcoming auto industry national conference speaking engagements and finalizing professional papers as magazine articles for several industry and club publications.

Francis continues to be the lone, true advocate and professional promoter of the niche.  His selfless work on the subject is single-handedly advancing exposure, awareness, knowledge and artifact values (to the great benefit of others and not himself).

On September 8th the Francis G. Clax Motometer Collection Exhibition at the Ontario County Historical Society Museum in Canandaigua, NY will close.  This collection is the finest, most historically significant and vast ever assembled.  Our website minimally hints at everything contained within this collection.

Francis has provided guided tours, demonstrations, seminars and co-organized antique auto owner tour events in conjunction with the exhibition.  His exhibit has also brought in thousands of donation dollars to benefit the museum.

This automobilia exhibition has garnered worldwide attention and attendance.







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