What's In the Learning Center Introduction

MotometerCentral™ is highly unique, distinct and sets the standard for historic automoblia information reporting and publication.

As a benefit to serious motometer collecting enthusiasts we have spent more than a decade trying to improve the availability of accurate and factual information providing unprecedented quality info not otherwise available anywhere else in publication or on the Internet/web.

Unlike any other source on the subject of motometers our information derives from exhaustive years of research, artifact preservation and extensive motometer collecting that includes patents, a wide variety of most motometers examples ever produced during the period of their heyday, countless original manufacturer documents and the largest digital database on the devices ever conceived or assembled.  We don't guess or make things up like certain other websites . . . Our knowledge is based upon facts and experience.

MotometerCentral's™ Learning Center is a beneficial service for motometer collecting enthusiasts to assist them in increasing their factual knowledge about these unique devices, the acutomotive accessory category on the whole and in assembling a better quality collection.


Our "Learning about Motometers" articles series is designed as part of our educational program that accelerates with Subscription Access to certain website pages of ours.  Subscription members are privy to much more in depth and routinely provided information making their membership more worthwhile and valuable.

The purpose of the articles in this section is to transfer our knowledge and research to those of you seeking more information and better acquaintance with the entire genre of motometer collecting and history. 


Our website content is not an invitation for unauthorized or surreptitious use in the form of copyright infringement, plagiarism or attempts to use our hard earned truly independent proprietary research to help sell someone item(s) on a popular Internet auction website, at an auto swap meet event or unauthorizedly captured on a blog, image capture website or the like but to raise the professional level of motometer collecting, distinguish truly good quality unit examples from pure junk and to encourage further research on the topic and devices in a sharing manner.


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