MotometerCentral continues to have exceptional sales  of our listed product items and Classified Ads.  Particularly brisk has been our sales of our proprietary clear acrylic motometer pedestals.  Its great to see that more motometer collectors are awakening to the many advantages provided by our pedestals.  The clear acrylic design of our two (2) inch pedestals are perfect for displaying and storing while featuring a distinguished museum-quality professional appearance that is virtually without compare. 


As we continue to supply clients around the world with motometer pedestals we invested a lot of time in finding a supply source capable of meeting our stringent standards for clarity, durability, cost and ease of maintenance.  After considerable time and effort in a world-wide search we reach out to Mr. Paul Taylor, Acrylicsnmoore owner of South Carolina to manufacture our custom product and meet our urgent needs.  Despite Paul's ever busy production schedule he has always found time to help us out with zero defects, issues or problems.

MOTOMETERCENTRAL is so very pleased to have Acrylicsnmoore onboard as  our standard motometer pedestal supplier.  The quality of Paul's company products have been so well received that repeat business has been 100% with every customer thoroughly satisfied.


We have been able to custom fit each pedestal for customer needs and ship in 24-hours or less with to-door delivery within 48-72 hours! 


Our 2- inch clear acrylic motometer pedestals are the perfect height , size and appearance to properly display your motometer collection on any type of flat, level surface.  FACT IS- Laying on their flat side is not the way to properly display or store a thermometer-based motometer and most other materials simply look cheap, odd, out of place or non-professional.  Our patent pending design also prevents overt theft, surreptitious taking and add value.

You can begin taking your motometer collection to the next display level by ordering your pedestals now while supplies last, just click here [PEDESTALS] to get started NOW.

We look forward to servicing them more and you too!


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