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"Why Collect Motometers?"                                                                                 


An elite motometer automobile collector's perspective on collecting  

early Twentieth Century automobile radiator-mounted engine

temperature indicating gauge-devices.

Seven pages with Color and B & W images.





                                          $19.99 Pay by Paypal $19.99

"What Can Motometer Collecting Enthusiasts Expect From"


The basic kinds and conditions motometer enthusiasts should

anticipate, expect and watch out for on in 2019.

Over 100 Pages, with loads of Color and B & W

motometer images provide real word


Highly anticipated and in great demand!

                                            $24.99 Pay by Paypal $24.99


"How the BOYCE MOTO - METER Was Manufactured"

Little known facts about the BOYCE MOTO - METER are finally revealed.

 13 tightly written, color and B  & W images providing behind -the- scenes

views inside the Motometer Co. factory and how the iconic gauges

were manufactured and hand assembled.

One -of -a kind publication!

                                            $24.99 Pay by Paypal $24.99

                                                                                         THE MONITOR™ SUMMER 2020 NEWSLETTER -


                                                                                         This Summer of 2020 issue edition

                                                                                         downloadable PDF format file in LOW (1.1 Mb file

                                                                                         size), MEDIUM (3.7 Mb file size) or HIGH  (67.2

                                                                                         Mb file size) Resolution is now available for

                                                                                         downloading. File sent to email address once

                                                                                         payment is received.

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                                                                              "Obscure Motometer Inventor - Otto Bihlmire"

                                                                                 Profile on Otto Bilhmire, the inventor of the

                                                                                 often misidentified GideLite "Automobile

                                                                                 Radiator Cap"

                                                                                  "Obscure Motometer Inventor - Irving Florman"

                                                                                   Profile on Irving Florman, the inventor of the

                                                                                   "Temperature Indicating Device," "Owl Face  

                                                                                   "Attachment for Temperature-Indicating

                                                                                   Devices" and numerous Motometer Accessory


                                                                                   "Obscure Motometer Inventor -

                                                                                      John Anderson Turnbull"

                                                                                    John Turnbull created a little known or seen

                                                                                    novelty motometer that looked like an animal

                                                                                    sipping fluid.  Who was he and was he

                                                                                    successful?  Download the paper and find out!

                                                                                  Obscure Motometer Inventor -

                                                                                  Harry Vissering

                                                                                  Harry Vissering was once thought to have

                                                                                  invented the first automobile radiator-mounted

                                                                                  engine temperature indicating gauge-device

                                                                                  before Harrison H. Boyce and his BOYCE MOTO -

                                                                                  METER.  Find out more of the details within this

                                                                                  download document.




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What Can Motometer Collecting Enthusiast
How The Boyce Moto-Metere was Manufactur
The Monitor Summer 2020 Edition

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