NOW is the perfect time to get your BOYCE MOTO-METER™ in PERFECT WORKING CONDITION.


MOTOMETERCENTRAL™ is offering a Winter Discount on the regular service sale price to restore your thermometer-based BOYCE MOTO-METER™ back to its correct original factory.


SERVICE SALE $60 each      REGULAR SALE PRICE $85.00 (USD) each

MSRP $185.00

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Issue Payment Here $60.00


                                                                               to be Re-Calibrated

                                                  Service Center Address provided upon payment

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Most BOYCE MOTO-METERs™ over time that have been improperly stored or left in their overheated temperature indicating condition rendering them non-functional.


MOTOMETERCENTRAL™ are the ONLY professional experts capable of reliably re-calibrating them.

We have developed an exclusive,proprietary method to safely and reliably re-calibrate all kinds of thermometer instrument-based motometers, especially BOYCE MOTO-METERs™.

Your's can be next if you act now!


A perfectly re-calibrated BOYCE MOTO-METER™ is not only restored to original factory-correct functional conditional but (1) has its value increased; (2) is worth much more; (3) impresses Show Judges; works properly on a period car; and makes you feel better about your collection.


Take it from the experts,

Functionality is one of the highest qualities of any motometer -

no matter "how" old, rare or scarce.

ADDITIONAL SAVINGS ON FIVE OR MORE UNITS (submitted at the same time, on one pre-paid invoice)


5 Or More ONLY  $55.00 (USD) each . . . . 35% SAVINGS!

With Free Return Shipping

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This Offer is for authentic genuine original thermometer-equipped temperature indicating

BOYCE MOTO-METERs ONLY. [No Reproductions or, Broken or Distance-Type Units]

For larger quantity discount

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SALE ENDS APRIL 15th, 2020



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