HVA Conference -  "Driving History: Putting Preservation on the Road: Protecting Our Overlooked Automotive Heritage in the Twenty-first Century

​On October 20-22, 2016 the The Historic Vehicle Association  held its annual national conference at its new Allentown, PA Laboratory facility within the incredible NB Center for American Automotive Heritage.  Click on the underscored link to access greater information on the center.

The Conference featured the theme of "Driving History: Putting Preservation on the Road: Protecting Our Overlooked Automotive Heritage in the Twenty-first Century."

The HVA is an extraordinary organization sincerely and very passionately dedicated to preserving automotive history  in every form.  They operate the preeminent historically significant vehicle registry that quite literally gets down to nuts and bolts documentation.

Great articles can be found on their website such as that marking the unfortunate passing of auto legend Brock Yates.  [Read here, "In Memoriam: Brock Yates (1933 - 2016)"]

MotometerCentral's founder, Francis G. Clax, spoke at the conference event explaining the relationship of early Twentieth century automobile engine temperature indicating gauges to period auto operation, technological development, passenger vehicle sales expansion and common misunderstandings about them over the century.  Francis' discussion session was well attended and included surprise luminary, Dr. Alfieri Maserati, son and nephew of the marquee Brand founders and Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens Technical Commission Adviser and conference representative, respectively.


Francis was met at the door by a number of people familiar with his expertise and motometer interest, including a very special, self described "groupie."

For More Information on The Historic Vehicle Association (HVA) please click on the name links or the logo icon below.



The conference was well attended and supported by many impressive industry heavy hitters including site and esteemed auto collection owner Nicola Bulgari; Ed T. Welburn (Founder and CEO, The Welburn Group and former Exec. VP of GM Global Design); Dr. Fred Simeone (Founder of the Simeone  Automotive Museum); the aforementioned Dr. Maserati; Michael Furman (Auto Photographer and Author) among others.










                                Nicola Bulgari                                           Dr. Alfieri Maserati





The total diversity of very cordial attendees in an incredible automotive site amidst a fabulous collection of automobiles was spine tingling.  Ideas and suggestions for an improved 2017 conference version were solicited from the group after a gourmet lunch session in the main facility's great hall.

Conference discussion sessions were video recorded in high definition and are available on the website.

On behalf of MotometerCentral attendees Francis G. Clax and Deanna M. Demmer we thank the HVA for inviting us, the privilege of speaking and attending their conference and for the opportunity to share in their ever so welcoming, genuinely warm and sincere camaraderie.

If you are not a member of the HVA  you need to be!  Contact the HVA right away to get started.

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