MotometerCentral™ customers and website visitors are expected to handle themselves with the utmost of dignity, manners, professionalism and ethical standards of decorum and behavior in using the website and communicating with our company representatives.  Obnoxious, rude, snide, unruly, hateful, harmful, degrading, shaming or other similar behaviors, malicious acts or comments will not be tolerated, entertained or posted and the proper authorities will be immediately notified.

All customers are required to pre-pay for all products to be delivered and services to be rendered without exception.  Non-payment equals no product or service.

Customers are expected to furnish/provide all of the information requested of them to begin or deliver the product or service desired before the actual work is begun or tendered in full without exception.  Example, if photo images, measurements or any other requested information about the item in question is requested upfront or in a subsequent communication it should be furnish as soon as possible or within 24-hours, so as to not delay order processing.  Any requested information not forthcoming may be grounds to pause, table or discontinue the requested order's processing or delivery and may result in an increase in fee charged as a matter of inconvenience and other customer order or processing interruption.

MotometerCentral™ reserves the right to add, alter, change, delete or otherwise modify any or all of its policies in whole or part as it deems necessary, effective or appropriate without exception or anyone's prior notice, input or permission.

MotometerCentral™ reserves the right to not serve or otherwise withhold its products or services to anyone or entity that it deems or chooses to without need of providing an explanation or reason.

Anyone seeking our information for the purpose or intent of using it on any website, publication or place especially to promote or sell their item without expressed written permission is prohibited and unwanted.  If this your intent please seek other options and do not interrupt or waste our time or resources - thank you.


MotometerCentral™ does not permit use of its tradename or content (text or image) to any entity except by expressed written permission prior to use.  Nor, does MotometerCentral™ sanction any entities person, products, services, organization or any other aspect of existence, origin or legitimacy.  Violators will be vigorously pursued to the fullest extent of the law.



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