No correct answers were submitted that properly identify the motometer indicator for the previous month of November.  Given all the folks out there who are always touting the obviously un-substantiable lines of "rarest," claiming to be selling the most "unique one ever seen" and the like across the internet or at auto swap meet flea markets, etc. we wonder why none have come forward to correctly answer any of our identification monthly challenges.  Their inability to correctly answer the mystery motometer quiz makes it clear and obvious that they really do not know what they are saying, talking about or advertising for sale and that their "information should be taken with extreme skepticism and total doubt.

What good is collecting items that you know nothing about?  That would seem like a waste of money, time and effort to us, but to each their own we guess.   Nonetheless, we look forward to a website visitor or Newsletter subscriber stepping up and identifying this month's item.  We encourage all motometer and automobilia enthusiasts to step up to the challenge and take their best shot on correctly identifying this month's mystery motometer item. 


If, you think that you know what this item is, (beyond just saying that it is a "motometer" or the like, contact us, help educate and inform fellow motometer enthusiasts and collectors.

Yes, we already know the answer!  And, you can too if you subscribe to our Newsletter.


The winner of this quiz contest will be determined by our executive management and research team based upon 1) most technically and verifiably correct answer, 2) date-time stamp as received on the email transmittance or receipt and 3) correct supplemental information will help decide in the event of a tie.

This month's quiz mystery motometer will be the last of this current feature series.










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GOOD LUCK in correctly answering our December 2016 Motometer Identification question.


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December 2016 Quiz Mystery Motometer on MotometerCentral.com



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