Recapping the events of the past month of September, MotometerCentral™ personnel disassembled the Francis G. Clax Motometer Exhibition that was held at the Ontario County Historical Society Museum in Canandaigua, New York from February 2nd to September 8th.


We were assisted by the museum’s curator Wilma T. Townsend and the President of the Wayne Drumlins Antique Region Auto Club, Richard “Dick” Stearns in delicately removing and wrapping the hundreds of motometer artifacts.


The exhibit drew hundreds of regional visitors - some who specifically traveled to see the collection and others with more curious interest.  Regardless of the inspiration that drew the attendees almost all voiced their very positive comments on this highly unique perspective on the early 20th Century automobile industry.


The Ontario County Historical Society Museum ‘s focus is based around local history so it is possible for some people to ask, “what do motometers have to do with Canandaigua or the Finger Lakes region of New York?”


The answer to the question is obvious to the learned, expert motometer collector or historian – the first ones by the Motometer Company were manufactured in very nearby Rochester, NY of which several of these ultra rare early BOYCE MOTO-METER examples were contained within the exhibit along with a couple of Willys and Overland auto company logo motometers (Canandaigua being the home town of John North Willys, founder of both companies and brands).


The exhibition helped raised thousands of donation dollars for the not for-profit organization.




MotometerCentral™ Founder Francis G. Clax was asked to write an article for the Horseless Carriage Club of America “Gazette” magazine for the January/February 2019 issue.


And, speaking of writing and publications, Francis received several complimentary copies of the Society of Automotive Historians “Automotive History Review” magazine Spring 2018 issue wherein he wrote the featured article “The Accurate History of Motometers” and will soon have a book published on his above referenced Motometer Exhibition.


​​​​Francis continues to be the lone, true advocate and professional promoter of the niche.  His selfless work on the subject is single-handedly advancing exposure, awareness, knowledge and artifact values (to the great benefit of others and not himself).

MotometerCentral™ Founder, Francis G. Clax has been asked by the world famous Maserati family to attend a very special commemorative event in Italy in honor of founding brother Ernesto’s 120th birthday.


On November 9th Francis will be speaking at the Fourth Michael R. Argetsinger Symposium on International Motor Racing History in Watkins Glen, NY organized by the International Motor Racing Research Center and the Society of Automotive Historians.  This will be the third time that he has presented a paper and topic at the conference.  This year’s symposium theme is “The Cultural Turn Meets the First Turn.”  Francis ‘ topic is “Americans Enter Grand Prix Motorcycle Racing.”  Francis has a professional background racing motorcycles as well as covering them for television broadcast as a journalist and TV producer.




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This month of October 2018 Motometer Making Men article feature is focused on Seattle, Washington’s Ary Benson inventor of the Benson Radiometer.  Ary Benson was the business partner to last month’s featured motometer inventor Horace Barnes also of Seattle, Washington.


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