Owning a limited edited, low production number super- or so-called hypercar comes not only with an initial high cost to purchase but with equally stratospheric maintenance costs regardless of whether they are road used or not.


Supercars carry high price tags due to their low production numbers; engineering, development, hand-assembly and, exotic materials costs.


Super performance cars like Bugatti Veyrons; Ferrari Enzos, LaFerraris, Maserati Birdcage, Porsche 918 Spyder and similar exotics have highly complex component systems that operate multiple cooling systems, transmission, multiple turbos, electrical energy power units, aerodynamic wings, engine management software and much, much more.


Regardless of mileage, usage or age to best maintain these elite vehicles routine maintenance is required that costly beyond the comprehension and budget of most ordinary auto owners.  Example:  Tires for a Bugatti Veyron are recommended to be changed every five years at a cost of $60K per set of this very special Michelins.


The linked video posted to You by Royalty Exotic Cars of Paradise, Nevada attempts to show and explain the reason why maintenance cost on the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 costs so much ($20K or more) and all that goes into performing a cost associated oil change.


To the knowledgeable it is clear that Royalty’s maintenance team was still in the learning curve of performing Bugatti Veyron oil changes when they made this video however it does demonstrate the complexities of the procedure that keep it from being a home garage weekend errand.


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