Throughout the year we were approached by numerous individuals that wanted our information to support their market gouging attempts for items not at all rare, in particularly good condition or authentically original. 

Some of these individuals apparently motivated by greed, irrationality, little understanding of motometers or the then market place conditions sought prices well in excess of $1,500  for items at best worth far, far less at anytime.

Assisting in motometer market gouging is most certainly not what we do or in any wish, want or will participate .  In most instances these individuals failed in their sales attempts.

Throughout the year we ran our "Fakes, Reproductions & Fantasy Items" monthly featured article series that shown a spotlight on inauthentic motometer items and how to immediately determine that they and similar ones were or are not genuine.  Many more serous motometer collecting enthusiasts seemed to taken advantage of this opportunity.  We were never challenged with regard to our feature, presented evidence, findings or conclusions.

We also observed numerous individuals parsing our website information to suit their selling attempts.  So, we have evidence of our influence on other website users.  Their use of our information or reference however vague or obtuse should be taken with a grain of salt and some skepticism as they have used it in a distorted manner and not as we intended or ourselves used.


Unfortunately, we do not anticipate the price people are willing to overpay will cease or de-escalate during the year.  It would seem that many new to automobilia collecting are trying to "get in" on motometer collecting and/or compete with our collection believing that amassing such a collection is easy and readily accomplished using our published information. 

We believe that if prices remain reasonable or at least rise reasonably then market niche order will be maintained and not hurt the value of objectively good, better or more complete condition items.  This will have the effect of needless price escalation and market over-inflation.



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