Continued - Part Three

So much of what went on with motometer sales on this website was sellers and bidders that seemingly knew little about the item overly ambitious about getting into motometer collecting and either being sucked into the frenzy of bidding or otherwise interested in certain items only because  someone else showed interest (a coveting mentality with little other rational basis for it) - therein causing prices to needlessly rise.

For the most part we stayed out of the the entire online broad-based motometer  market as pretty much everything that we saw we either already possessed a better condition example, didn't need or want, or failed to meet our condition quality or automotive industry historical significance standards and/or expectations.

We realize for those who are now trying to enter into the current motometer automobilia collecting niche or expand their existing collecting that item conditions and prices at the current time are what they are and may never return to where they were just a few short years ago.  So, new motometer collectors feel compelled to go after whatever is seemingly available regardless of condition or price just to feel as if they re apart of the collecting niche.

As always we urge our website visitors to join the Motometer Collectors Association™ and check our Classified Ads section to find out about great motometer for sale deals and opportunities at reasonable prices.  And, that "patience is a virtue" as is exercising discretion, pursuing the best condition items at the best price, and to know your factual motometer history (or make use of our Motometer Identification Service(s) for professional aid and assistance).  But, as always  it is true and may apply "to each their own."



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