Throughout most of 2018 MotometerCentral™ had the pleasure of having its exquisite motometer collection on display at the Ontario County Historical Society Museum in beautiful Canandaigua, New York for public exhibition.


MotometerCentral's™ Founder, Francis G. Clax loaned his vast motometer collection to the museum, curated the exhibition, gave guided tours and facilitated several learning and demonstration sessions.

The Ontario County Historical Society (OCHS) Museum was a perfect location as its building was finished in 1914, just around the same time that the earliest documented motometer. a BOYCE MOTO - METER STANDARD Type automobile radiator-mounted engine temperature indicating gauge , owned by Francis, was sold to someone in the public.  That early gauge and several others from the same period and several hundred other  related artifacts from from the introduction of motometers to their evolution to their eventual inclusion in car dashboards were also on exhibit.  This exhibit included nearly every example ever made or commercially sold including numerous never sold prototypes.  The museum even let him use their original 1914 display cases!

The actual exhibit took place from February 2, 2018 to September 8, 2020 in the museum's reserved North Gallery.  Never before had so much space been available for an exclusive motometer automobilia exhibition anywhere in the world.  The exhibit caught many local museum members and visitors by surprise as many proclaimed "I never knew what a motometer was or what those things on those old car hoods were called before, I now I know!"

Former Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA) President, Terry Bond, himself a well-noted automobilia  and motometer collector who attended, commented:


                          "Wow-fantastic!  Have not sen anything as cool since some guy put

                            a spark plug collection on display (           ). 


                             Website is great and I'm enjoying it tremendously.

                            Guess this what happens when someone gets serious about collecting."


We think Terry was referring to his own collection of spark plug as he collects every type automobilia.

This September (2020) we are featuring a video virtual tour of that exhibition for those of you who either want to relive it or who missed it.

If you've never seen a motometer or a huge number of them all in one place then this is your grand opportunity, that is until the next full-on exhibition.

You can view the video tour through our VIDEO GALLERY image link below.


Have fun and enjoy the popcorn munching moment!

F Clax Motometer Exhibition OCHS Website



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