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A very successful motometer collection exhibit at the AACA's Hershey, Pennsylvania location, particularly during the biggest antique automobile Swap Meet/Rally Event was tremendously positive and exhilirating.  Our website garnered hundreds of thousand more hits, clicks and interest from focused car fans around the world.  And, we have enjoyed convesing and trading experiences with each and everyone of them.


Exhibit visitors seemed astonished to see so many and varied types of motometers in a single place and individual collection.


Request for further museum exhibits have been pouring in.  And, we hope to someday be able to fulfill each and every requst.


If you haven't been to the AACA headquarters, where the collection currently resides on public exhibit, you will need to complete this bucket list task by April 30, 2016 before it moves on to a new exhibit location.




The Motometer article that site founder and collection owner, Francis Clax penned for the AACA's Antique Automobile magazine wa extremely well received by all who read or viewed the magazine and especially by AACA members, who receive a free copy as a benefit of membership.  (Non-members can still obtain a copy of the Fall October/November issue by contacting the AACA directly.  A modest Issue fee and shipping cost may incur.


AACA Antique Automobile magazine readers seemed to genuinely appreciate the chronolohical, fact-basd historical, non-intimidating and entertaining approach applied to the subject.




In late October after that news update went to print, Francis was selected to present a paper on motometers, their history and relatiobship to the growth and expabsion of the automotive industry for the upcoming Eleventh Biennial Automotive History Conference to ne held April 14-16, 2016 in Cleveland, Ohio. Besides a couple of keynote speakers Francis was one of six authors selected to present a paper for this prestigious event.


After the paper presentation at the conference the selected papers will be published in the Society's Automotive Review magazine.


Visit for more information on the Society of Automotive Historians and/or to lern more about the conference.




Somehow Francis has managed to locate and obtain several more hughly unique and rare motometer artifacts, including highly limited edition catalogs, manuals and brochures - all in incredible condition!  We still don't know how he does it!?!!  But, we are sure glad when he does as it keeps things very interesting and the staff on its toes.




As we stated in the November news release that the Featured Rare Find column will go away from the public viewing portion of this website at the end of this month.  The feature will live on as a benefit to members of the Motometer Collrctors Association where it will be enhanced to provide greater detail, information and insights.  Regular site visitors know that we provided a great look into motometer artifacts not otherwise known to exist.  This is a fine service to series motometer collectors and automotive historians.


To continue to be aware, educated and informed on truly rare motometer artifacts we encourage you to join the Motometer Collrctors Association, which is easy and affordable - All are welcome.  You can click here to immediately JOIN or else you can navigate back to the related page links under the HOME Main Menu for more information on this organization and member benefits, etc.




We are proud and honored to welcome two new customers to the ranks of our Classified Ad Listing family and clientele base.  Clients on both side of the Classified Ad know that if an item is listed on our website that it is definitively an authentic original, not a reproduction/fake or fantasy made-up item and that they can shop in a non-auction site haphazard environment.  Our Classified Ad clients and their listed items are vetted for authenticity and qualified condition that meets a rather stringent standard of acceptance and pre-approval.


One Customer is offering for sale a very example of a Marmon Motor Company large Standard model BOYCE MOTO-METER in wonderful survivor condition.  To imediately view the Marmon BOYCE MOTO-METER Ad Listing click here MARMON BMM.


Another esteemed Classified Ad Listing customer whose wares are featured this month are the many Automotive Mascot series books of author James Colwoll (and Bruce Stewart).  The many "The Automotive Mascot" series bools are exceptionally beautifully illustrated and well researched.  Each book takes the reader through a specific time period as hood ornaments or mascots evolved and became more iconically associated with pecific automobiles and the industry as a whole.


"The Automotive Mascot" book series are absolutely PEFECT for automobilia collectors, automotive researchers, historians, authors, preservationists. museum curators and antique car fans alike.  They are IDEAL coffee table books for their ultra high quality phoyo illustrations of actual mascot figures and items. They are also IDEAL for the most ardent of collectors and fact-focused readers as they are chocked with copies of original Ads and patent drawings to affirm the item's validity and heritage.


"The Automotive Mascot" book series was produced on a limited run basis and are going fast.  Time, tide and availability of this book series wait for no one, so get yours now!  Individual books or the entire complete series can be purchased (as available).  To imediately view the "The Automotive Mascot" book series Ad Listing click here The Automotive Mascot book series.


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