Perhaps we saved the Best of our featured ephemera article series for last with this December 2017’s edition.  Our featured ephemera series is about to wind down for now.  The purpose of the series was to assist serious motometer collectors in realizing the aesthetic and educational benefit of the various kinds of paper (two-dimensional) documents that can contribute to possessing a higher quality collection, one that grabs the attention of at-large viewers and adds veracity to the collection’s authenticity as well as financial value.


This last of the series feature puts the focus on a particularly rare and very special artifact – a signed letter from the hand of BOYCE MOTO-METER inventor and namesake, Harrison H. Boyce on Moto Meter Company official stationary.


Rare, because few of Moto Meter Company letters on company letterhead stationary are currently known to exist and be in a proper motometer automobilia collection.  Very special as no other document example has so far surfaced or is known to exist possessing an original, “live ink” signed document by his hand.  So, the combination of the two is actually extremely special to a even a seasoned motometer collector or automotive industry historian.















Couple all of this with its direct connection to another series of rare, one-of-a kind documents related to a motometer product patent officially issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office also in our possession.  All of which are really quite unprecedented and an incredible acquisition and collection value add.


Only five Moto Meter Company letters on official company stationary have so far become known to exist however this is the only one with Harrison Boyce’s name on one as the Company’s General Manager and Vice President and as previously stated the only one with his hand singed signature. 


The only other signature examples are printed copies that appeared on certain product related advertising materials such as a 1924 BOYCE MOTO-METER™ ad and 1923 Boyce-ite de-carbonizing fuel additive ad.



This signed letter was obtained at the same time that the George B. Mess official Motometer Guard locking device U. S. Patent was obtained to which it references. That officially issued original Patent was profiled in a previous month's Featured Ephemera article.  So, to have original, signed and official documents in the same collection is truly phenomenal and by no mere coincidence but evidence of hard, diligent research, persistence and impeccable timing.


These are the kinds of miraculous finds that we hope to inspire fellow serious motometer artifact preservationists and collectors.


Of course it is highly doubtful and unlikely that another exact example of this one-of-a kind signed letter exists elsewhere however one similar may.  Good Luck finding one and let us know if you do.

This concludes this 2017's "Featured Ephemera" articles.  We hope that you have enjoyed and gained from all of the exclusive articles and truly one-of-a kind, ultra rare items.  Seek out your own unique ephemera to improve and enhance your motometer automobilia artifact collection.

Mot Metr Company Hand Signed Letter on MotometerCentral™.com
1924 Boyce Moto-Meter Color Ad on MotometerCenral™.com
1923 Boyce-ite Ad on MotometerCentral™.com



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