Demystifying MESSKO Radiator Thermometers

It has been readily observed and is distinctly obvious that, other than MotometerCentral personnel, no one else is putting forth any new fact-based papers, publications or information on motometers though a great many have been trying to take the greatest advantage of our research work  to line their pockets or generate hits for their beleaguered blog/websites.

We have have years of man hours independently researching each and every type of motometer, especially the primarily ones normally exchanged on today's secondary markets. 


Further demonstrating the laziness and slothfulness of these individuals is their willingeness to claim that they have have performed some sort of "research" as made clear in the following self-serving misquoted stated statement "The factory this was made in was OBERRURSEL which means its 30's manufacturing. Made in Frankfurt mean 1920's manufacturing date based on my research." (SIC)  NOT SO FAST!


This seller's MESSKO was in NO WAY MANUFACTURED IN THE 1920s -OR- 1930s!  Their statement is a pure fabrication borrowing portions from our item descriptions to construct a self-serving promotional statement attempting to bilk some unsuspecting motometer collecting enthusiast out of $600, which is unconscionable.  Click on the image below to see this seller's description.

MESSKO eBay Seller's Exploitive Item Description revealed on



SINCE 1912

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