October 2015 -


October marks the 103rd anniversary of the Motometer Company, Inc's official origin and legal incorporation.  Our Featured Rare Find of the Month, under the MORE top tier Menu Bar option is, indeed, a truly rare artifact from the Motometer Company.  We encourage you to check this feature to find out exactly what it is.  The Featured Rare Find for the Month of October 2015 can be easily accessed via the this link Featured Rare Find





Our Site and Collection founder has an article that he wrote published and featured in the latest September/October Fall 2015 edition of the Antique Automobile Club of America's Antique Automobile magazine.  The article "More Than A Hood Ornament - The Francis G. Clax Motometer Collection Exhibition" provides a special focus on the development of motometer/early automobile engine temperature indicators and evolution of the BOYCE MOTO - METER, in specific,  all from a never before published chronological historically accurate perspective.  An attempt was made to do this in 1977,  it unfortunately fell short of the real mark, most likely due to not having as many original company documents as we possess.


The article is truly and interesting and must read for automotive industry historians, antique automobile aficionados and, of course, serious motometer collectors.  The author felt that it was most important to focus on the historical merits of the motometer and its contribution to early automobile technology and preservation than on himself or his collection at this time.


The AACA Library and Research Center, aacalib.org, was kind enough to grant him their usual space in the magazine.  The AACA Library and Research Center is also the current host and facilator of the our motometer collection actually on display at their AACA headquarters at 501 W. Governor Road Hershey, Pennsylvania


We at MotometerCentral and Mr. Clax want to extend our sincerest thanks and appreciation to Mr. Chris Ritter, Head Librarian, AACA Library & Research Center and Mr. West Peterson, Editor, AACA Antique Automobile magazine.  Each was extremely kind, generous with their time, patient and a pleasure to work with on this endeavor.





The annual AACA Fall Eastern Division Swap Meet is upon us as we go to print and regardless of the weather conditions there will be several hundred thousand attendees from around the world.  This is always a great event and this year promises to be no different with plenty of show cars to see, the huge flea market grounds and vendors to tour and visit, as well as spectacular AACA Museum exhibitins to view.


The AACA Library & Research Center  kicks off the overall event with its annual charity Yard Sale on Tuesday, October 6th, between 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm, where vintage, Classic and Brass ra books, manuals and other collectible ephemera can be purchased at a nominal fee.  Its a great time to tour the facility and see what the Library & Research Center is all about and has to offer even if you have been there before.  We'll see you there, if you are there . . . so be there!















 MotometerCentral's founder will have a sizeable portion of his extraordinary motometer collection on display  at the Library & Research Center, 501 W. Governor Road Hershey, PA (717) 534 2082 in the Library lobby.  The collection features the oldest motometers in known existence and many other related rare artifacts.  The exhibition is a fascinating look into one man's collection in this automobilia niche and its relationship to early automobiles, defunct marques and varying means to alert motorist of potentially dangerous overheating conditions of their engines.  Everything that could be placed within the space alloted was put to good use for the education, entertaiment and enlightenment of antique automobile fans and AACA patrons.  It is completely worth the stop by visit.  No other collection can compare - Fact!  This exhibit will be available for viewing throughout the Library's operational hours during the Swap Meet.  The collection is a walk back in time!




A month into MotometerCentral offering Motometer Identification Services (Basic and/or Premium Levels), Re-Calibration, Classified Ad Listing and Motometer Pedestal services, respectively the positive responses have been stupendous.  And, we thank each person who made the wise choice to make use of these services.  Knowing the correct identity and specifications of your motometer; getting your thermometer-based motometers expertly re-calibrated back into factory original operating specification and functionality; and, obtaining pedestals to smartly, attractively and professionally display and store your motometer(s) enhances its value.


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