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Exhibit Event Scheduling of the Clax Motometer Collection is easy, uncomplicated and without fee for loan.  Qualified automotive museums, organizations or learning institutions need only click on the Contact Us Link and include a brief request and one of our staff will respond shortly.  All Collection event scheduling is on a first come basis.  The breath of an exhibition can be tailored to your organizations specific interests, needs and space requirements/limitations.  We are happy to acommodate all interested parties where possible.


OCTOBER 20-22, 2016

Location: Historic Vehicle Association

                  Research Laboratory

                  Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA


We are proud and active members of a number of highly esteem automotive industry organizations among which includes the Historic Vehicle Association.


Historic Vehicle Association (HVA) Background:


The Historic Vehicle Association (HVA) has at its core the mission and goal "to promote the cultural and historic significance of the automobile and protect the future of our automotive past."


The HVA has been in existence since 2009 and a large membership that exceeds 370,000 worldwide participants. The organization is composed of passionate and deicated car enthusiasts, collectors, industry companies as sponsors and scholars.


On October 20-22, 2016 the HVA will be facilitating a Conference based around the theme of PUTTING PRESERVATION ON THE ROAD - Protecting Our Overlooked Automotive Heritage in the Twenty-first Century.  This Conference will be held at the newly opened Historic Vehicle Association Research Laboratory in
Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA.


Leading automotive experts, industry representatives and scholars from around the world who have been carefully screened and selected will present papers and lead discussion sessions on a variety of related subjects and topics.  MotometerCentral's founder Francis G. Clax will be among the many distinguished presenters.

A special commemorative book based upon the many paper presentations is intended to be subsequently published.

This event will coincide with the public Grand Opening of the new HVA Laboratory research center and is open to the general public as is the conference.

If you are not already a member sincere consideration should be given to joining as soon as possible.

To learn more about the Hisoric Vehicle Association (HVA) you can click on this link >> https://www.historicvehicle.org/ or the HVA logo below to visit their extensive website.

Hal Clark explains the Phenomun of Driving a 1911 Mercer 35J Raceabout on MotometerCentral.com
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