MARCH 2016



From our archive of Fake, Fantasy or Reproduction items comes the type shown in this March 2016 month's article.  We had made it a point to expose our site visitors and subscribers to such information so that they can be better informed, educated and aware with confidence that certain items lack authenticity, collecting merit and really should be simply avoided.



Certain items surface from time to time with exuberant "come on" language to intice a naive  over enthusiastic buyer to purchase the item and facilate a fast, high priced, successful sale for the seller.  Of course, it is possible that the seller is genuinely unaware of their item's inauthenticity and merely describing what is vividly present, seemingly obvious and/or what they believe to be true.  However, even the briefest amount of independent research will make  the item's inauthenticity quite obvious. if there is any interest in substantiating the facts.


This website was established in large part to assist serious motometer automobilia collectors in acquiring real, authentic items and to preserve the true heritage of these interesting early automotive instruments and devices.


Few people are alive today who can factually claim to have been around or drove a vehicle with these devices during their heyday and with so much of the original documentation about them lost to time, weather and other factors.  Even early reproductions may know look like the real thing, especially if authentic items are not available for comparison.  Grandpa's old garage parts stash may, unfortunately, not be quite what it seems, as reproductions were around during his day as well.


Perhaps it is of benefit to ardent and serious motometer collectors to know that with a keen eye, some expert insight, a little knowledge, faith and patience that they can still find authentic items at reasonable acquisition costs as good authentic items are out there and they need not settle for less.


It may also be of some comfort for ardent and serious motometer collectors to know that reproduction, fake and fantasy items in this collector niche have primilarly centered around a single product brand, the BOYCE MOTO-METER. Unfortunately that still presents a problem as the most desirable brand to collect for most.  So, aspiring motometer collectors need exercise particular caution and good judgement to avoid squandering their resources in belief that something is indeed what it purports to be.


This monthly article series highlights and draws your attention to some of the many more obvious (and/or subtle) fake, reproduction and/or pure fantasy motometer items for your awareness, knowledge and assistance in building a better quality of motometer collection.


Avoiding fakes, reproductions and pure fantasy items will save you money, potential embarrassment and enable you to put your resources to better use in acquiring true authentic original items with less of price or cost.

Fantasy Boyce Moto meter Match Holder Case - Front Closeup
Fantasy Boyce Mot Meter Match Holder Case Description
Fantasy Boyce Moto Meter Match Holder Case - Door Open View
Fantasy Boyce Moto Meter Match Holder Case - Side View
Fantasy Boyce Moto meter Match Holder Case eBay Final Sale Price from January 2013
Fantasy Boyce Moto meter Match Holder Case from October 2014 - Frnt Primary Item View
Fantasy Boyce Moto meter Match Holder Case from October 2014 - Vertical View
Fantasy Boyce Moto meter Match Holder Case from October 2014 - Back of Case View
Fantasy Boyce Moto meter Match Holder Case from October 2014 - Side View
Fantasy Boyce Moto meter Match Holder Case from October 2014 - Case Door Open View
Fantasy Boyce Moto meter Match Holder Case from October 2014 - Manufacturer Hallmark and "Patent Date" View

MARCH 2016



For this March 2016 "Fakes, Reproductions and Fantasy Items" article edition we thought that our website guests, regular visitors and site subscribers would appreciate knowing about a little item that reports to be a genuine item issued by the Motometer Company.


Over the last couple of years we have observed two of these "BOYCE MOTO-METER" Match Holder Cases  appear on the eBay online auction website and their motometer market. 


Not to cast unfair or unwarranted dispersions upon this website entity, however, it eems to be a prime bastion for those seeking to sell fantasy, fake and reproduction items, sometimes with a half-hearted warning or disclaimer that the seller is "not an expert" on such items and that the prospective buyer should perform their own research (which is, in fact, always good advice).  By showing two examples of this March's Fake and Fantasy Motometer items we hope to provide you with some of that research you may need to make an informed buying decision. and to avoid the  caveat emptor (or, "let the buyer beware") item  for sale listing, bidding and purchasing environment. 


To be fair, as stated above, some sellers may be genuinely unaware that an item is inauthentic and it is always encumbent upon the bidder/purchaser to perform their own diligent research.  And, many  sellers do try their best to accurately describe and depict their listed items to the best of their ability  (and limited research). 



As we have stated before and will continue to, there seems to be no end of potential candidates in the category of Fakes, Reproductions and Fantasy Motometer Items, this March's informative edition is unfortunately no different.



Perhaps, to some there would seem to be no problem with "BOYCE MOTO-METER" Match Holder Case, however, several red flags show up upon basic obsevation and examination.  The first, being the item itself and the second being the associated date.



The first matter of attention and concern is and should be that the Motometer Comnpany never specifically manufactured, commissioned or sanctioned such an item to made on their behalf!



At left is one such item for sale listing that appeared in January of 2013 on eBay's website for a subject Match Holder case.  (Click on the image icon to see an enlarged version.)  Note: the seller's emphasis on the "patent date of November 1904."















That particular item had one bidder who won the auction at its opening bid price of $149.99. (See image icon at left.)















The next one, at immediate left, that we noticed apeared in October 2014, also on the eBay website.  A variety of views are provided for your edification.









According to the site item seller the press stamp inscription in the tray area of the Match Holder Case states the name of the manufacturer as being the "Whitehead & Hoag Company" of Newark, New Jersey and a "Pat." date of "Nov. 20 1904."  All of which is quite interesting and a crucial component of the "hoax."


Whitehead & Hoag was a legitimate company, most noted for manufacturing employee pins, chauffeur and professional licensed driver pins for a number of states, as well as high quality automobile radiator badges and emblems among other similar items.


In 1896, Whitehead & Hoag was incorporated in New Jersey essentially as an advertising nusiness.  And, while the company made many novelty items, no record exist of such a BOYCE MOTO-METER Match Holder case being manufactured and/or sold during the 1912 to 1934 period of the Moto Meter Company's existence or in the product catalogues of either company.




The Motometer Company (Note correct early spelling of the name) was not founded and/or incorporated until October 1912, so the 1904 "patent" date would inauguably appear to have been made up with no basis in fact tp support it.




It would be 1912 that the engine temperature indicating device that would become invented, well after the 1904 date listed.




The BOYCE MOTO-METER pitch man symbol (man pointing at the BOYCE MOTO-METER) is the second genertion edition.  This particular "pointing man" illustration first appeared around 1917, with a straw hat wearing gentleman used before that.  The second generation "pointing man" was most certainly not in use by the Motometer Company (note Company original tradename spelling versus "Moto Meter" which more so came into use around 1918 or post 1917.)




Given the fact that there is no record of either company's production of such an item during the correct period, incorrect use of dates and advertising symbol it is easy and reasonable to conclude that these "BOYCE MOTO-METER Match Holder" Cases are pure fictional, made-up, fantasy items most likely manufactured decades after the Moto Meter Company's ultimate demise and dissolution as something of an homage.


In 1959, Whitehead & Hoag was ultimately sold to competitor Sebastion Brothers of Rochester, New York.  Until approximately 1965, Sebastion Brothers continued to market  and sell certain products under the Whitehead & Hoag company name.  We suspect that it might have been around these later years that the Match Holder Cases were manufactured having no direct relationship with authentic or original BOYCE MOTO-METER devices or the Motometer

Company, by any name spelling or operational period.


Those who wish to include such an item in their automobilia or motometer collection are, of course, always free to do so.



Motometercentral nor its founders  own any of these items.



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