JULY 2016



As the temperatures of Summer heat up we provide another installment of Fakes, Reproductions and Fantasy items for the month of July, 2016.

It is a sad state when so many inauthentic motometer and atumobilia items abound and continue to marketed for sale.  We realize that the people with the item are eager to dispose of them as quickly and for the most money possible.  While, willfully overeager purchasers are perfectly ready to acquire with little or no serious desire to differentiate that which is real or good from those that are not real or of poor condition. All we can do is hope that our most faithful website visitors and subscribers  are informed and aware of the facts so that they can successfully embark upon assembling a high quality motometer automobilia collection. 

This monthly article series highlights and draws your attention to a pure fantasy motometer item for your awareness, knowledge and assistance in building a better quality of motometer collection.


Avoiding fakes, reproductions and pure fantasy items will save you money, potential embarrassment and enable you to put your resources to better use in acquiring true authentic original items with less of price or cost.

Of course the decision to include such items in your collection is yours.  All we can do is attempt to educate and make you more aware of what is out there and how to spot it so that you don't get taken or waste money.


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Fake Ford Boyce Moto-Meter Sign exposed on MotometerCentral.com
Fake Ford Boyce Moto-Meter

JUNE 2016



This June 2016 "Fakes, Reproductions and Fantasy Items" article edition we expose our website guests, regular visitors and site subscribers to yet another fake motometer that "popped" up on the fabulous eBay online auction website.  Once again, this website demonstrates that it is always "Caveat Emptor" or let the buyer beware as there are no rules or monitors to protect buyers.

This month's feature is a "Ford Boyce Moto-Meter."


Rather comically this seller states the item to be an "Antique Boyce Moto-Meter Ford Temperature Meter/Gauge Shell Radiator Topper" then goes on to state "A very nice example of an original Boyce Moto-Meter.  branded Ford.  Working condition is unknown, although it would make a great addition to any collection."


The problems with this item are many and quite obvious.  First, the dial plate appears to be something someone made in ther spare time or garage.


The material that the dial plate is highly correde, dirty or just plain moldy. (Note lower edge)  And, no where does the name of the manufacturing company appear.

The frame is not that of a BOYCE MOTO-METER but of a Messko radiator thermometer - hence the flat edge at the frame housing's lower edge.


No glass crystals are apparent on either side of the device.

The rear side has what looks like cardboard  or something other than a correct temperature indicting range scale.  The rear "plate" is also not in the correct position.


No Thermometer instrument is obvious or can be detected from any of the seller's photo images provided, therein most likely making this a non-functional unit.



Based upon our experience and possession of a genuine Ford BOYCE MOTO-METER that has been fully authenticated we are easily able to identify this month's featured item as a definitive fake.

We have identified several factors that evidence the item to not be authentic done to the particular frame despite the eBay seller's assertion in their ad listing.


While we are at no chance of falling prey to thisopportunity to seperate a buyer from their cash, we post this article so that others will also be aware and be better informed and protected.

If anyone can proof positive show us to be wrong we will immediately and sincerely apologize.  In the meanwhile we will continue to publish the facts, evidence and well-corroborated information about early Twentieth Century automobile radiator-mounted engine temperature indicating instruments/devices.


We address the issue of Fakes, Reproductions & Fantasy Items to protect the entire motometer market, from buyer to sellers, novice to senior collectors, and general public to industry historians.

we believe that it is important and imperative that everyone is playing on a level field based upon objective rules and information with even advantages.


We are not trying to halt or inhibit their sale.  We only wish to inform serious motometer colectors of their existence and (non-) relationship to authentic artifact examples.


Those who wish to include such an item in their automobilia or motometer collection are, of course, always free to do so.



Motometercentral nor its founders own any of these items.



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