MAY 2016



May is always an exciting month as it becons the call of a new, promising and hopeful beginning.  Observing the plants, weather and animals makes that point clear and factual.  Nonetheless, that has no bearing on Fake, Fantasy, Reproduction and/or out and out fraudulent motometer-oriented items that crop up and dupe the ignorant out of their presumed hard earned money.  So, for this May 2016, we present another such item so that our astute website subscribers, readers, potential motometer automobilia collecting enthusiasts, visitor/viewers, etc. can be better informed and do not fall prey to purchasing or acquiring a genuinely inauthentic item.


This April's item came onto the internet market in March.  Initially offered at a hefty price above $400 (U.S.), its price was dropped after no takers emerged.  Currently it is priced at $350.00 (or best offer) on eBay.  The seller has made several claims as to the item's authenticity which under minor scrutiny was obvious to us as being untrue.  The seller invited inpt/comment as to the ite's authenticity, yet responded with juvenile denial in light of the facts identified.  We thought that our site visitors should be made aware of this seller's less than honest approach too selling the reproduction item so that they are not defrauded or waste their money, time or effort. 


We had made it a point to expose our site visitors and subscribers to such information so that they can be better informed, educated and aware with confidence that certain items lack authenticity, collecting merit and really should be simply avoided.


This website was established in large part to assist serious motometer automobilia collectors in acquiring real, authentic items and to preserve the true heritage of these interesting early automotive instruments and devices.


Perhaps it is of benefit to ardent and serious motometer collectors to know that with a keen eye, some expert insight, a little knowledge, faith and patience that they can still find authentic items at reasonable acquisition costs as good authentic items are out there and they need not settle for less.


It may also be of some comfort for ardent and serious motometer collectors to know that reproduction, fake and fantasy items in this collector niche have primilarly centered around a single product brand, the BOYCE MOTO-METER. Unfortunately that still presents a problem as the most desirable brand to collect for most.  So, aspiring motometer collectors need exercise particular caution and good judgement to avoid squandering their resources in belief that something is indeed what it purports to be.


This monthly article series highlights and draws your attention to some of the many more obvious (and/or subtle) fake, reproduction and/or pure fantasy motometer items for your awareness, knowledge and assistance in building a better quality of motometer collection.


Avoiding fakes, reproductions and pure fantasy items will save you money, potential embarrassment and enable you to put your resources to better use in acquiring true authentic original items with less of price or cost.


Click on any of the images provided to see an enlarged view.

Fake Boyce Moto-Meter Sign as revealed on MotometerCentral.com
Left side of Fake Boyce Moto-Meter Sign as revealed on MotometerCentral.com
Right Side View of a Fake Boyce Moto-Meter Sign as shown on MotometerCenral.com
Fake Boyce Moto-Meter Sign Listing as revealed on MotometerCentral.com

MAY 2016



May 2016's "Fakes, Reproductions and Fantasy Items" article edition brings you a well crafted  fake motometer item in which great lengths and measures were undertaken to make this item seem genuine, however, it most affirmatively is not and we will explain the many give away indicators.  And, hope that you are not the last one holding this object or the unsuspecting next one to purchse/acquire it. 


This month's bogus item is a "FREE DIAL OFFER" "BOYCE MOTO-METER." wallboard sign.  This item  appeared in August 2014 on the eBay online auction website in their motometer market.  (Instinct says that it won't be very long before this item reappears on the market again and most likely in the same venue.)


On its surface to the uninitiated and less discerning, this sign appears to be genuine, in relatively good condition, properly preserved (for its supposed age) and attractively adorned with the braided wood frame.  However, the evidence that this item is a fake is boldly presented and "in your face."


We will go through some of the major and obvious telltale signs that evidence our point and unwavering position.  Not all of the fraud indicators will be revealed within his article so as to not help or assist those so inclined to potentially create better frauds. (Sorry)


Starting at the upper left side of the sign, one of the telltale indicators with similar faked items is the scratched away graphics of the dial plate images.  Though this can be the case with genuine authentic examples, when taken as a whole in combination with the other specifics that we offer you will understand how that fits into the false narrative that a sign like this one is genuine.


A BIG TIP-OFF should be the substitution of a block letter DODGE logo dial plate image!  The feeble attempt here is laughable.  When this sign would have been manufactured and issued there was no "DODGE" only DODGE BROTHERS. 


The shortened commercial name only came to be used after 1925 when the surviving widows of founders Horace and John Dodge sold their interest in the company to the Dillion, Read &Co. investment firm who inturn later (1928) sold out to the Chrysler Corporation.  "Dodge" became a division of Chrysler and was then more commonly and simply identified as such.  By which time these standardized signs were long since no longer manufactured or issued.


So, had the creator of this fraudulent fantasy piece any early automotive industry history knowledge then he or she could have at least attempted to use the "DB" initials to make their for-profit hoax much more potentially plausible, though still an outright fake.


On to the next BIG TIP-OFF with this piece:

The lower left side dial plate letter "P" images is also incorrect.  No letter "P" initial appears on genuine authentic examples and most certainly not in that location!


Also, note how the custom dial plate description underneath these two images is rather conveniently (or strategically) not legible?  This just cannot be simply coincidental or a factor of strategic aging when no similar damage is present in the images only milimeters immediately above it.


The missing description title should read "FRATERNAL EMBLEMS" and it does not.


No doubt our running this featured exposure article series has unnerved and quite possibly angered some, however, as it has been said, "Truth is!"


Lastly, someone took great care to perpetuate this fraud down to the use of similar to the original wood, finishing  and seemingly age-related wood checking.  We have laughingly marveled at the fact that the checking on these fake signs always seems to cross grains, which is uncommon in naturally checked wood.  Suchchecking should be an obvious indication of external pressure, forced bending.  Plus the checking never flows across the entire board and somehow knows to always stop not very far from the board's edge(s).


Often these fakes will have strategic gouges in the board to simulate some kind of usage or wear, while never penetrating the stain!  Try gouging some real wood antique furniture then tell us the results if different!


This seller was made aware that the item was inauthentic based upon numerous obvious factors, yet the seller refused to furnish an honest auction listing, re-write the description or inform potential purchasers with the newly gained expert information learned so that potential bidders and buyer are properly informed.  Rather than acknowledge the mistake (if it was an honest one), the seller provided a beligerent, "smart alec" reply.  The response made it clear to us that there was no mistake in description, but an obvious attempt to purposely deceive others just to sell their bogus piece.


2014 saw a succession of these fake wallboard signs come onto the eBay.com website for sale.  Unfortunately they were purchased and some people got seriously fleeced and are sitting on a fake that should never be pursued by any serious motometer collecting enthusiasts dedicated to only having truly authentica artifacts in their collection.


We have stated before and will continue to share our well verified information with others, including those who list motometer-related items on various websites so that viewers are not deceived or mislead.  There seems to be no end of Fakes, Reproductions and Fantasy Motometer Items, this April's informative edition is unfortunately no different.  


We are doing our best within the limits and constraints placed upon us to better educate all parties concerned or involved, though in some instances the best that we can do is to warn our readers and visitors.  We simply do not believe that people should be deceived or outright lied to about anything associated with this subject matter or in general.


We make every effort to be polite,kind and professional when dealing with these supposed invitations for clarity and individuals.  We do not go out of our way to pounce upon every errant opportunist or situation.  However, honesty and integrity helps the market and purposely misleading people has no place anywhere!


The Moto Meter Company never wavered in the type of material used or varied its marking materials in certain manners, and create errors in the process.  Quality and consistancy was paramount, well-scrutinized, with anything less than perfect or to standard not used or issued.  So, to see such blantant fraudulent items continued to be bandied about needs to be brought to a halt to protect the integrity and value of the genuine article and those who hold them, as well in the pure interest of automotive industy history integrity and preservation.



These are but some of the problems and identifying marks of reproduction BOYCE MOTO-METER "FREE DIAL OFFER" signs.  Unfortunately we do not wish to go into greater detail on how to spot a reproduction so that the reproducers will be armed with the information they might need to make better forged copies.  But, we could go on.




We thoroughly encourage site visitors and collecting enthusiasts to use our Identification Service to help them better identify the authenticity of an item in their existing collection, an item that they are considering adding or, even that they are selling. Using the service can save you quite a bit of money, embarrassment or hassle  And, for serious collectors help them to build the best collection possible, one that they can truly be proud of and confident in.


Our Identification Service puts our vast experience and totally unique information-specific archive to work for you.


We have nothing at stake when someone states an item to be the "real thing" in a public arena.  As the leading historic authoritarians on the subject we take truthful information about the subject very serious and have, indeed, built this website for the purpose of exposing the truth and the untruthful about this subject matter.


These "FREE DIAL OFFER" "BOYCE MOTO-METER" signs are no doubt very attractive and to some degree rare, however that should be no reason to "leap before looking" and paying a handsome or any amount for for a fake one.


The one shown as an example is most assuredly and certifiaby FAKE (!!!!) and we wholeheartedly encourage article reader, site visitor and subscribers to steer clear and most dfinitely avoid purchasing such items.


Typically we advise our clients and collecting fans to remain patient and vigilant, the right one for you at the right price will emerge.  This is advice that we adhere to ourselves and it has yet to fail us!


If anyone can proof positive show us to be wrong we will immediately and sincerely apologize.  In the meanwhile we will continue to publish the facts, evidence and well-corroborated information about early Twentieth Century automobile radiator-mounted engine temperature indicating instruments/devices.


We address the issue of Fakes, Reproductions & Fantasy Items to protect the entire motometer market, from buyer to sellers, novice to senior collectors, and general public to industry historians.

we believe that it is important and imperative that everyone is playing on a level field based upon objective rules and information with even advantages.



Motometercentral nor its founders own any of these Fake, Reproduction or Fantasy itemswritten about in this or these article series.



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