Well its that time again . . . time to add a new Featured Rare Find for the month.  This September 2015 we have another hard to find, low production early automobile engine temperature indicator.


This indicator package as shown below has been made virtually complete with the inclusion of authentic, original company/manufacturer documentation. is quite hard to maintain and locate any of these limited production items after all these near 100 years.  Documentation and paoer-based items such as advertisements, books, booklets, brochures, catalogs, letters, manuals, pamplets, records and/or receipts, etc. were not created on media meant to last. 


We believe that it is worthwhile to expose our site subscribers and visitors to such information in pursuit of their bonafide desire to know what artifacts are out there.  Our artifact examples are in their original form.  Such items provide further assurance that our information is truly fact-based  and substantiated by undeniable, inaurguable original authorative sources.


The goal of this section is to expose site visitors and motometer collectors to some of the most rare or unique motometer-related items, artifacts and materials ever created.  Such ephemera makes for a fantastic addition to any serious motometer-automobilia collector, automotive industry historian, archivist, or museum as an attractive display material beyond its fact offering potential and capability.


The featured items in this section are subject to and will change periodically, so we encourage MotometerCentral website visitors and subscribers to regularly check this site area.


We hope that you enjoy this month's installment.


And, keep your eyes open so that you can find yours!


If you or someone else that you know happens to have one of our Featured Rare Items please let us know, share a picture and info about it with us.  We'd like to know if there are other examples out there.


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In April of 1923, inventor William Arthur Collins of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania applied for his initial version of an automobile engine temperature indicator.  The product version shown here is his later one with temperature indicating area illuminating capability.


This later version, circa 1926 - 1929, features an Art Deco ornamental style indicator frame bezel sculptured to match the interior dashboard instrumentation found on the leading prestigious automobiles of the day, cars like the Pierce-Arrow, Packard, Lincoln, Minerva among  several others.  It has an accommodation for a tiny light bulb to illuminate the gauge face and makes use of an electronic temperature sensoring device that causes its thermometer to react.


Shown is the Top-of-The Line Premium model version with nickel plate finish.  It originally retailed for $ 8.50 each.  There wee two other model types available at the time, an Universal and one expressly

for the Dodge model automoble.  All model versions could be had with either a shiny nickel plate or black enamel paint finish, with the enamel paint finish versions costing slightly less.


This SAFE-T-STAT Motor Heat Indicator was acquired with its original box and is complete with original wiring, securing nuts and the remote temperature sensor.  And, as you can see this indicator makes use of a thermometer instrument.





The original SAFE-T-STAT Company issued brochure is in fantastic condition regardless of age and even more amazing given its 89-year age.  All graphics are clear, without yellowing, discoloring fading or smearing.


The brochure was actually acquired first and then days later we were able to take possession of the indicator itself.


Each is incredibly rare.  In fact we are aware of only one other product version of this specific indicator type, although the other one is non-illuminating and does not have a wiring harness or remote temperature sensor.  That example is shown immediately at left.  Photo credit for the three images belongs to former owner K. Hesterman.





In 1927 Harrison Boyce received a patent for a similar looking Heat Indicator. - See Design Patent Number 73023.






William Collins  assigned his March 15, 1927 Patent (Number 1,621,396) Thermo-Electric Indicator and Safety Device to the SAFE-T-STAT Co. of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Particularly in 1926 electrically powered or assisted motometers began to come into the motometer marketplace touting their ability to be more readily visible and easier to read than the still more popular BOYCE MOTO-METER.  Also during this time the move was on to place auto engine temperature indicators inside the coach and in dashboard.


Similarly electrically powered motometers were the Warn-O-Meter manufactured and distributed by the Stewart-Warner Speedometer Corporation and the GideLite invented by Otto Bihlmire both featured illuminating capability and neither required radiator cap mounting for temperature indicating functionality.  And, of course several other illuminating devices, such as the Glo-Lite, Night Lite and LU-MIN-US Cap to name a few, could be had if desired or needed to aid low light indicator viewing.


The SAFE-T-STAT Company, though incorporated in 1923 as a Deleware corporation it operated in New York City.  It was physically located at 79-85 Bridge Street in Brooklyn, New York according to the company brochure.


The SAFE-T-STAT Company of Brooklyn, New York was later acquired by the Moto Meter Gauge and Equipment Company in early 1930s.


The two SAFE-T-STAT Motor Heat Indicators shown are the only two publically seen in the last decade or so amongst motometer collectors.

Document Information:

Copyright Date: Approximately 1926




"The New and Improved SAFE-T-STAT Dashboard Motor Heat Indicator Illuminated: The Sign of Your Motor's Condition"


Format: Small - approximately 3.5" width X 6.5" height Tri-Folded, One Double-side Print


Issued: Not Exactly Known, approximate Circa 1926


Patent Information:

Various - See:  1,621,396 Issued - March 15, 1927

                             257277 Issued -  January 12, 1926


Manufacture Information

SAFE-T-STAT Corporation

Brooklyn, New York




  • Posted: September 2015



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