"Motometers and Their Association with Auto Racing"

By Francis G. Clax

Copyrighted Image of Francis Clax's November Speech on MotometerCentral.com
MotometerCentral Motometers at 2016 Argetsinger Symposium on MotometerCentral.com

MotometerCentral's founder Francis G. Clax the automotive industry's recognized expert on early Twentieth Century automobile engine temperature indicator devices otherwise known as motor heat indicators or motometers opened the Saturday session of the second Jean S. Argetsinger Symposium on International Motor Racing History.  The symposium was held at the aptly named International Motor Racing Research Center in Watkins Glen, NY.

Francis provided ample historic racing context for the auditorium's international crowd recounting the very first officially sanctioned motorized vehicle race competition to the sports journey to the United States and beyond.  He then showed the linkage to the first usage of motor heat indicators radiator-mounted on top-tier racing cars.  His presentation was entitled "Motometers and their Association with Auto Racing."

Throughout his presentation he showed example after example of race with motometers in use throughout the radiator-mounted product lifecycle including evidence sources.

In the end he further related all of the information, photos, historical perspective and other evidence to actual surviving artifact examples which attendees were encouraged to handle and examine for themselves.

Francis' presentation wound up serving as a foundation for many of the following speaker presenters.

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