Currently MotometerCentral™ is processing numerous requests for motometer, automobilia and antique automobile history presentations and group seminars to be facilitated by its Founder Francis G. Clax.  Across the board a wide variety of groups are requesting Francis to speak at their various club events.  Despite his always busy schedule Francis is trying to accommodate these groups as international speaking opportunities present themselves to him, such as the second annual Pan European Automobile History Conference to be held at the Cité de L’Automobile Musée National-Collection Schlumpf in Mulhouse, Alsace, France and events as far out as 2019.


For presentation appearances, motometer collection exhibitions and motometer seminars

tentative scheduling is based on a “first come – first served” basis among other accommodating considerations.


Those wishing to schedule and appearance or group event in a locale convenient to Mr. Clax should contact MotometerCentral™ via the CONTACT US link or clicking here [CONTACT US] to express their need, proposed date, location and accommodations.


No one does what Francis does or knows as much about motometers, so this is truly a unique opportunity.


Dates are filing up quickly so act now or be left out!


MotometerCentral™ is very pleased to share with you four new connections that may or should be of interest to you.  Each of these connections is worth checking into.  Click on the link provided to access their website(s).

Jewelogical Adornments [ ]

Owned and operated by Elizabeth Varno-Colbert a brilliant and very talented young jewelry designer.

MotometerCentral™ looks forward to working with Jewelogical Adornments on several upcoming very special limited edition projects.

The source to turn to for top quality carefully artisan handcrafted custom jewelry unlike any other.


Sinful Confections is a delightfully sweet baking and confectionery business of Katheryn Casella that creates and makes the most delicious items on either side of the Mississippi or ocean!

Sinful Confections created and baked innovative "Motometer" cookies for the grand opening Gala of the Francis G. Clax Motometer Collection Exhibition at the Ontario County Historical Society Museum in Canandaigua, New York on February 2nd, 2018.

The Gala's V. I. P guests enjoyed the the motometer rear dial plate and thermometer -style cookies

Never before has such a cookie been sen or so overwhelmingly been enjoyed.

The cookies even look delicious and inviting in the companion photo.



So, when you are going to be in the Canandaigua, NY area and the Finger Lakes Region contact  Sinful Confections "the solution to your sinfully sweet cravings" at their website address or join them on Facebook at to order your batch of heaven!


Vanderbilt Cup Race historian, Howard Kroplick's website has been around for quite a long time  however after finally getting the official opportunity to meet Howard, MotometerCentral™'s Founder Francis G. Clax wanted to be sure that our website visitors are aware of his.

The Vanderbilt Cup races were America's first motorized car race series with its first race held on October 8th, 1904 on the streets of Long Island, New York.  William Kissam Vanderbilt ("Wiilie K") was a grandson of cargo ocean shipping and railroad magnate Cornelius "the Commodore" Vanderbilt.


"Willie K" in his 1904 Mercedes

at Daytona, Florida

Vanderbilt Cup races website is the definitive "go to" website on the subject and has been a favorite of ours for many years.  The website is very frequently updated with fascinating racing stories and connections to the race series.


The Wayne Drumlins Region Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA) Chapter is one of the organizations most active and dedicated ones.

Under the leadership of its President, Richard "Dick" Stearns, its membership boasts an impressive inventory of very early automobiles and motor cars.

Dick is a true, genuine and very serious antique automobile enthusiast and supporter.

Dick and his wife, Brenda, personally donated funds to the Ontario County Historical Society Museum in support of the Francis G. Clax Motometer Collection Exhibition to help the museum defray its event promotional costs.

Dick was instrumental in assuring that the exhibition was included in the chapter's newsletter, "the Headliner."  You can read about it by clicking on the following link >>

[ ]

MotometerCentral™ is exceptionally pleased to add these connections to our website and hope that our savvy site visitors will patronize their websites often, regularly and contribute to their success.

Link Photo to Vanderbilt Cup Races Website
Sinful Confections "Motometer" Cookies on MotometerCentral™.com



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